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8 Swashbuckling Stuffs You Need to Do After Publishing a Blog Post

  If you are serious about treating your blog as more than a hobby, that is, if you want to use it to make money, then you have to treat every blog post as important. Remember that your readers’ time is important and you don’t want them to react like a wild cat when they read your post.

9 Stunning Methods of Customizing Your Facebook Business Page

  Facebook has more than 1 BILLION unique zombies visitors/each day. Most of these are consumers who come from all walks of life, from different countries, and have various interests. As such Facebook is uniquely situated to provide you and/or your brand with global exposure and consumer relevance. In ...
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12 Killer Strategies to Promote a Startup Business in the Philippines

  Filipinos love tradition. If something works for them, they would happily go to that same place of business every time. However, there’s also logical and are open minded for new things. If Pinoys see something that offers them better service, you can bet they’d have no problem transferring. ...
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10 Insider’s Tips on How to Make Customers Love Your Brand in the Philippines

  Gone are the days when companies refer to themselves in the third person. Today, the biggest selling point is approachability. The goal is to cultivate customer relationships and make it seem as those the business is a friendly neighbour that can be easily approach for any problem. After all, ...
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8 Razor-Sharp Secrets in Finding Ideas for Content Creation

Content is defined as anything and everything you feel like putting in your website. It could be a poem, an article or your high school prom photo – as long as it’s in your domain, its content.

How to Choose the Best SEO Company in the Philippines

  The Philippines is home to some of the most effective SEO Companies today. Not surprising as the Filipino public has already embraced the internet and businesses are scrambling to go where the market is.

9 Ways to be an Epic Social Media Marketer in the Philippines

  Filipinos are crazy over social networking! Apart from television, it seems as though the internet is one of our guilty pleasures with the average Filipino spending hours in front of the computer each day. With this situation in mind, you really can’t blame business owners as they start to invest ...

How to Stalk Your Competitors Online in the Philippines

  The internet may have leveled the playing field between big companies with fat wallets and start-up entrepreneurs, allowing both to compete for the same online business on equal footing but it doesn’t mean that there will be an equitable distribution of the pie either.

[Classified] Online Newsjacking in the Philippines

  Breaking news in the Philippines always has the potential to spread like wild fire especially among those in the industry that is directly affected by the story. News jacking is about hitching a free ride on the attention and the impact that the breaking news is likely to create.

[Webinar] Blog & Social Media Entrepreneurs Day: June 22, 2013

Get ready for an information-packed webinar especially for online marketing specialists – The Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurs Day scheduled for June 22.
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