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Mutant Guestblogging 101 – for Filipino Marketers and Entrepreneurs

  Q: Why do some Filipino marketers gets rejected for guestblogging? A: Because they act as weird, robotic Mutants. Guest blogging is a popular marketing strategy over the Internet nowadays, and we predict that the trend will be sizzling hot in the Philippines within a matter of months, a year or ...
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How to Be A Legenday Blogger In The Philippines

Unlike the old days where people keep a hidden diary for their adventures, people nowadays want their content to be seen by everybody… and so they turn into blogging.
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The Filipino Content Marketer’s Guide to Quora

  Quora is one of the go-to places when it comes to questions needing specific answer. Whether you need an advice how to handle your blabbering wife or if you have problems with your Askal chewing your sofa.
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8 CHAMPION Tactics of Crafting Headlines Targeted for Filipinos

Everytime I walk in the crowded streets of Makati, I always noticed those cheap newspapers with Super-LOL Headlines. Hindi mo alam kung tatawa ka, mababaliw o iiyak.
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The Rise of the Guest-Posting Superhero in the Philippines

  Have you ever wanted to have super powers? Did you ever dream to be a superhero?

5 Radical Feats of Creating Content that Drives Audience Anticipation

  If you think online entrepreneurship in the Philippines is just sitting in front of your computer playing Candy Crush or something while waiting for the money to start rolling in once your website is up and running, you are dead wrong. Don’t believe in hypes.
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49 Ultimate Content Creation Ideas for Filipino Internet Marketers

  Have you already developed a bald spot on your head from constantly pounding it against the wall trying to think of new content ideas? As an online entrepreneur, I’ve been there and I literally feel your pain.

[HIGHLY PROFITABLE] How to Get Millions of Views in YouTube

  Video marketing in YouTube is a relatively inexpensive way to reach out to a world audience via amateur and/or professional grade videos. This form of social networking is characterized as guerrilla and has the potential to go viral. No, not the guerrilla who fights in the jungle, and no, not ...

Visual Content Marketing LIKE A BOSS

  While surfing the web, have you ever looked at a picture of something that looks very tasty? If you have, then you probably know that images could be hypnotizing. After all, not only did you crave for a bite, but you also drooled all over your keyboard.
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8 Swashbuckling Stuffs You Need to Do After Publishing a Blog Post

  If you are serious about treating your blog as more than a hobby, that is, if you want to use it to make money, then you have to treat every blog post as important. Remember that your readers’ time is important and you don’t want them to react like a wild cat when they read your post.
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