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8 Razor-Sharp Secrets in Finding Ideas for Content Creation

Content is defined as anything and everything you feel like putting in your website. It could be a poem, an article or your high school prom photo – as long as it’s in your domain, its content.

[Classified] Online Newsjacking in the Philippines

  Breaking news in the Philippines always has the potential to spread like wild fire especially among those in the industry that is directly affected by the story. News jacking is about hitching a free ride on the attention and the impact that the breaking news is likely to create.

The Art of Epic Brand Storytelling in the Philippines

  Brand storytelling is perhaps one of the most potent branding tools in your marketing arsenal. Using stories to convey a brand message is really not a new thing. Advertising companies in the Philippines have been peddling stories to promote brands for as long as anyone can remember.

12 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing FAILS Miserably in the Philippines

  Experience is the best teacher, they usually say. But do you have to fail miserably just to prove that you can learn something significant about content marketing?

7 Creative Ways in Using Vine to Promote Your Brand in the Philippines

Imagine this: you’re thinking hard about the next online-marketing strategy that should be carried out, then someone cheerfully tells you to make a “vine”. You’d most likely end up staring angrily at the person, since you’ll think that you’re being ribbed at the worst possible time.

[Hubspot] The 10 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012

I think it’s about time I share something from the outside. Specifically, from Hubspot. Their posts are so engaging and innovative – it’s worth sharing. Here are the ten (10) best marketing infographics last year. Credits goes to:   1) The Inbound Marketing Process From ...

8 Essential Habits of Top-Notch Content Marketers in the Philippines

  Every online marketing advice you’d get to read has something to do with having good content on your website. But what does content mean exactly?

How to Create an Epic SlideShare Presentation for Filipinos

Every day, people manage to catch other people’s attention. Remember the Love Bug? The guy responsible for it is now working for Microsoft. What about Facebook? You know what Mark Zuckerberg did and how it got him attention. And yes: who would forget the girl in the #Amalayer fame and the guy involved ...

Stealing Content – Is More Fun in the Philippines!

Everybody steals content – especially Filipino entrepreneurs! We’re a bit discerning though – we only steal quality content because what would you do with a bad one? Nothing.

7 Simple Tweaks of Linking Urgency With Your Offers

One of the hardest tasks Philippine entrepreneurs face every single day is how to make people act favorably and with dispatch on their offers.
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