7 Spectacular Ways to Promote your Event Online in the Philippines

Have Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho perform in a single production number for your event. For sure your ticket sales will rise. =D

Why Inbound Marketing is AWESOME for your Philippine Niche Business

  Inbound marketing is all about getting attention the natural way. The technique is a combination of social media, content marketing and SEO in order to “attract” your target market in the Philippines.

Why Having a Mobile Version of your Philippine Website is a HUGE Plus

  Have you ever tried visiting your favorite website through your mobile phone? If the site doesn’t have a mobile version, chances are it took you minutes before finally successfully loading the page.

The Complete Guide of Creating an Online Brand Strategy in the Philippines

In focus: Jollibee and McDonald’s. Both offer the same types of products. Both are found almost always side by side with each other. And sometimes, you walk inside Mcdonalds and confidently blurt out: “One Chickenjoy please!” In another part of the country, Business A and B are on a head on competition. ...

Online Marketing Action Plan for Travel Agencies in the Philippines

As the world economy continues to improve, travel trends are also expected to pick up fast and fuel the growth of the travel agencies industry worldwide.

How to use Closed Loop Marketing for Philippine Companies

Closed loop marketing may sound complex the first time, but it’s actually one of the most common strategies being used by businesses today, even in the Philippines. In fact, the technique of closed loop isn’t confined to just internet marketing but has been a refuge for many land-based ventures.

How to Get Hired in Google Philippines

Getting hired in Google Philippines is definitely everyone’s dream. The internet giant opened January this year, setting up in the nation’s capital with Narciso Reyes being appointed as the country manager.

Developing an awesome website redesign strategy in the Philippines

Websites needs updating from time to time in order to keep it fresh. If not to make the interface more beautiful, it is to enhance some features or to improve overall performance.

How to Scare Users with Long Registration Forms

Internet marketing, like all present-day transactions, is always time-bound. Rarely do we nowadays have the luxury to engage in something that demands a long time to accomplish.

Top 10 Niches That Are Already Over-Saturated

If you are an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur in the Philippines – then I’m sure you are always looking for a niche or a gap in the market that you can exploit. (For lack of a better term). Your goal is to generate profits. And the best way to do that is to find a product or service that ...
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