google-hummingbird philippines

Anatomy of Google’s Hummingbird in the Philippines

  The hummingbird is a pretty little bird. But whenever internet marketers and search engine optimizers in the Philippines hear that word, they think of something else and it drives them crazy. Well, they are most probably thinking about Google’s Hummingbird update. Google has the tradition of ...
google analytics philippines

15 Simple Tricks in Playing with your Data in Google Analytics

  Believe it or not, the smartest guys nowadays are into “watching figures”. They relish open-mouthed at such amazing “figures” and invest countless hours to leave no stones unturned and get their hands on them.

8 Remarkable Mobile SEO Strategies in the Philippines

  Everybody has a smartphone, even the takatak guys at Tondo. Deal with it, you need to innovaaaAAAaaate dude!
matt cutts philippines

10 Most Eye-opening Matt Cutts Quotes

  There’s a hunter out there. He’s been known as the legendary chainsaw guy, prowling the night and looking for fluffy victims. To some Filipino SEO specialists, he’s the nightmare of all nightmares. And he comes by the name Matt Cutts.
google adwords enhanced campaigns

[Nerd Talk] Understanding Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns in the Philippines

  Do you know why many barely touch SEO? Just like you, most of those who’ve tried to tame it by learning its deepest secrets ended up screaming in frustration.

What The Heck Is Semantic SEO? And How Can I Benefit From It?

  You are probably asking yourself this question when you read the headline of the article. What the heck is semantic SEO, anyway? It sounds like a term developed by an ex-mutant professor turned internet marketer.
seo trends philippines

7 Evolving SEO Trends in the Philippines for 2013

  Most SEO Specialists in the Philippines are too busy babbling, staring at excels and hoarding their clientele that they sometimes forget to keep an eye or nurture their knowledge with the latest SEO updates from reputable sources (And yes, my SEO teams in Makati and Ortigas are guilty of that).
google analytics advanced segments

10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments My Team Loves

  I mean it, Google analytics (GA) is the bible of my team here in our H.Q. in Makati. Generally, it allows any website owner to track website traffic and sources i.e. unique site visitors – whether in the Philippines or abroad. The latter can then utilize the same to generate statistics relevant ...
keyword research philippines

9 Cool Sources to Research Your Keywords for Your SEO Campaigns

  You’re probably stuck in doing one important thing: finding new keywords that could boost your profits even further.

How to Choose the Best SEO Company in the Philippines

  The Philippines is home to some of the most effective SEO Companies today. Not surprising as the Filipino public has already embraced the internet and businesses are scrambling to go where the market is.
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