What all Filipino SEO Specialists needs to know about Social Signals

Google’s latest Penguin update which also brought about the rise to prominence of social signals as vital search engine ranking factors must have caught SEO specialists the world over by surprise – perhaps including you.

6 Survival Tactics Against Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update in the Philippines

 Years back, we experienced Google’s Kung Fu with Panda. And now, we have Google Penguin. Now, maybe you are thinking: Should you have some units on veterinary medicine just to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and top those search engines?

10 Clever Ways to build your Google Author Rank in the Philippines

  Google Author Rank pretty much explains itself. Think of it as an online copyright wherein all your blog posts, Twitter updates and website articles are officially credited to you by Google.

8 State-of-the-art Local Link Building Strategies in the Philippines

  Link building – it’s a tough, nutty job for a Filipino but someone’s got to do it. Now you might argue that it’s just a simple process but in the grand scheme of things, link building is something that burns off most of your time. It’s worth it though as many international SEO companies ...

Updated Keyword Research Strategies for 2013 in the Philippines

  Keywords – these are considered the search engines’ magic words. With the perfect recipe, keywords are a great tool to improve page rankings.

Identifying Long Tail Keywords in the Philippines [For PPC Ads]

Prior to discussing long tail keywords, it’s important to first talk about PPC or pay per click. Many Filipino businesses owners are using this today, relying on the technique to boost their ranking and reel in additional prospects. Like article marketing, PPC utilizes keywords to have effective ads. ...

Top 10 Common SEO Myths in the Philippines

The launch of local search engines through Yahoo! Philippines, Google Philippines, and the feature that allows Bing users to search for content under a specific country has caused the proliferation of myths around SEO in the Philippines. But since these are myths, these should be utterly dismissed as ...

Post-Penguin Era – What’s in it for Philippines SEO 2013?

A follow-up of Google’s Panda, the Penguin is an algorithmic update of their search system which was first announced on April 24, 2012 – sending a major threat to all webmasters and SEO specialists alike.

The SEO.org.ph Facebook Group

The Philippines is no stranger to SEO. In fact, there are currently numerous companies specializing in SEO services not just for local businesses but also those located in the West.

Greyhat SEO – Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s a battle out there – a battle of wits, cunning, and ethics. Between black and white, who wins?
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