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14 Geeky Things You Can Do with Facebook Graph Search in the Philippines

  Facebook’s latest feature is both creepy and interesting. Other than it gives you more power to stalk more people, it can also wield a lot of detailed information about your target market in the Philippines.

How to be a Social Media Influencer in the Philippines

  Who doesn’t want fame, glory, and fortune? Many entrepreneurs in the Philippines would do everything just so they could have all the power influencers and celebrities have, with masses of people following and fawning at their feet. If you’ve been dreaming about becoming an hotshot in real ...
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Lead your Filipino Fans into the Promised Land with Hootsuite

  Hoot … hoot! Filipino guys certainly hoot at Filipinas with curvy figures. And gals, you technically do not make that hoot sound, but when you squirm like worms in excitement every time you see your Adonis in all his well-sculpted glory … that is, indeed, a hoot!

[EVOLVED] 2013 Social Media Marketing Trends in the Philippines

  The Philippines is big when it comes to social media. Even dogs and babies today have their own Facebook account – courtesy of their ever loving parents/owners.

16 Super-Effective Ways of Using Twitter for low-budget Philippine SME’s

  The Philippine Eagle has ceased to become the national bird. It has been defeated by a bird smaller than the Maya and it comes by the name Twitter. LOL.
facebook promoted post

How Important Is Facebook’s Promoted Posts in the Philippines?

  Filipinos love Facebook – because it gives them a chance to share statuses, photos, and interests to their family and friends and stalk their friends’ lives at the same time. It also gives you an update about the latest trends and news in your local area, such as if there’s another Ondoy ...
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5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Try Meme Marketing in the Philippines

  If you like goofy taglines and silly pictures, you’ll love memes. They are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, two great tastes that taste even better together. And yes, Filipinos love memes that we even have our own versions like Willie Revillame’s “You don’t do that to me”.

9 Stunning Methods of Customizing Your Facebook Business Page

  Facebook has more than 1 BILLION unique zombies visitors/each day. Most of these are consumers who come from all walks of life, from different countries, and have various interests. As such Facebook is uniquely situated to provide you and/or your brand with global exposure and consumer relevance. In ...

9 Ways to be an Epic Social Media Marketer in the Philippines

  Filipinos are crazy over social networking! Apart from television, it seems as though the internet is one of our guilty pleasures with the average Filipino spending hours in front of the computer each day. With this situation in mind, you really can’t blame business owners as they start to invest ...

10 Mega-Vital Approaches in Tweaking your Brand’s Facebook Cover Photo

  Facebook cover photos have always played a limited but vital role in marketing your Facebook business page. Vital because your cover photo serves as a visual treat designed to tickle your page visitors’ fancies enough for them to hang out a bit longer on your page and browse through your various ...
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