12 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing FAILS Miserably in the Philippines


Experience is the best teacher, they usually say. But do you have to fail miserably just to prove that you can learn something significant about content marketing?

content marketing failWell, it is not something that is highly recommended. Why fail if you can learn it right here?

Many businesses, online or otherwise, do a trial and error method in the execution of their strategies for content marketing. This is the reason why, many Philippine companies fail miserably in this aspect. It is not simply about creation of something that you can upload right away. Remember, online marketing is a science that follows some definite rules. Learning about these rules will definitely help you pass the test and achieve your goal – gaining sufficient exposure and generating a decent traffic for your website.

In this discussion, you will learn about the top twelve reasons on why content marketing fails miserably in the Philippines. By knowing more about these reasons, you will find out more about how you should avoid them.


Content Marketing Classic Fails

You won’t see a “horror roll’s” list here of specific companies. What this section offers are examples of content marketing epic fails that you should avoid by all means:

  1. Ignoring enterprise sales rules and realities – definitely a big no-no. In creating your content hierarchies, you should take note that you should give the importance that is due for blog posts. Some Philippine companies do not pay attention to making quality blog posts making it impossible for them to engage their new prospects.
  2. Now you have traffic for your website, but your company still feels that it is aimless. One classic fail in content marketing is the lack of capacity to acquire opt in and make the most information out of it. Remember, your sales manager will ask you about your visitors’ demographic data (name, age, job, location) so that they will know which portion of the population to address. So, in creating content, this has to be carefully considered.
  3. Neglecting and underestimating the power of email – the biggest mistake. Like what experts say, email is far from being dead. You can attest to this – you are still using email up to this day, right? So, emailing newsletters may not be a common practice nowadays, but this is one of the hugest mistakes committed. More attention should be given to this aspect of marketing.
  4. Following a schema other than the fact that content marketing follows a vertical structure. This is one of the worst mistakes that many Philippine companies commit. Not following a vertical structure will lead you to the wrong people, hence getting no significant positive results for your marketing intentions

Remember, these are just a few of the many classic examples of content marketing failures that are committed by Philippine companies. Knowing about them will help you avoid doing the same mistake again.

Biggest content marketing challenges companies face.

Biggest content marketing challenges companies face.


The 12 Reasons for Failing Miserably in Content Marketing

Now that clear examples were given, you now have a clear background on the topic. This puts you in a better position to understand the reasons for content marketing failures. By knowing more about these, you will know what subsequent steps to take. So, here they are:

  1. The content you generate is usually self-centered. When you are marketing, it should not about “I”, “me”, or “myself”. To be successful, you should try to be more inclusive and focus on your customers. In any social networking website, you can attest to the fact that people get annoyed by rants that are all about themselves or by posts that shout out about their personal problems. The same holds true for content marketing. If you wish to be spared with “I don’t care” responses, try posting something that is not all about your company or brand.
  2. You don’t analyze. All of your efforts are futile if you don’t track visitors, clicks, views, etc. and anything that can be measured. There are free tools and analytics out there to aid you in studying your audience. Get agile and analyze everything.
  3. Lack of research. Your personal standards maybe quite subpar. Content marketing deals with an intelligent audience. If you do not care about quality, you will get a negative credibility. In the long run, nobody will take you seriously. So every time you publish content, subject it to the most rigid criteria and standards.
  4. Un-intelligent sources. Wrong sources that can negatively affect your image. It is okay to outsource content especially if you are going to take in content from respected agencies, journalists, or writers. These champions of content will definitely help you tell your story in a much better way.
  5. Your story doesn’t have direction. Too much blah blahs in your content will bore your readers. You find it difficult to tell a story either because: (1) you do not have a solid storyline; or (2) you are telling your story in an inconsistent manner. Yes, there might be different media available for your consumption, but this does not mean that you have to tell a different story for each. Stick to one message and this will help you communicate it loud and clear to your intended audience.
  6. You are too afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It is important to explore the unexplored because it will help you find bigger and better opportunities. Well, the same is true for content marketing. You should try new things in your content campaigns, breaking marketing rules and such.
  7. You don’t have any “call to action” hints. In creating content, you should not only engage your audience, you should also convince them to do something about the message you are sending. If your message lacks a call to action, then you will end up not meeting our initial goals.
  8. You don’t share a lot. Lack of holistic approach in using different channels may hurt your efforts. For example, it is wrong to focus your attention solely on a particular social networking site. You must carefully map out a strategy that will touch all possible channels without sacrificing the quality of the message.
  9. The lack to Lead. “Somebody must own up to the possible mistakes” is just another way of saying “Somebody must be rewarded for the possible successes.” So, in mapping the plan for content marketing, somebody should take the lead. This will give your efforts a better direction.
  10. Not focusing on your niche is not only pretentious, it also betrays your audience. But do you know that they can sense it? This can hurt your credibility badly as a content marketer.
  11. Your team is utterly slow. Moving at a slow pace just to attain excellence might sacrifice the conveyance of a proper message. Remember, timing is an important element in content marketing. Story-telling might be a tedious process but it should not take much time.
  12. Inconsistency can be deterrent to your efforts. Consistency is the key in content marketing success. You should remain visible over a period of time and you should stick to your story.


Paul’s Last Words:

As a rule of thumb, content marketing can be perceived as adding more value to the usual things. Aside from being consistent and perseverant, you should also manifest that you are an industry leader. You can do this by sharing nothing but useful insights to your audience. By sharing nothing but valuable pieces of information, your audience will feel how much you value them.


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