49 Ultimate Content Creation Ideas for Filipino Internet Marketers


Have you already developed a bald spot on your head from constantly pounding it against the wall trying to think of new content ideas? As an online entrepreneur, I’ve been there and I literally feel your pain.

This is why I have encouraged my team to come up a list of 49 ultimate content creation ideas. Feel free to use the ones that you want, or you can even combine two or more to create a new, ocean-fresh idea. Even better, maybe one of these ideas will spark an original concept in your head.

  1. Read a newspaper. One of the most basic ways of finding ideas for creating content is current events. So read the daily paper from cover to cover and who knows what you might find?
  2. Watch the evening news. Watching news programs such as TV Patrol and 24 Oras are a great way of capturing the pulse of what people are into now.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the latest telenovelas. This will also give you an idea of what is ‘in’ now.
  4. Create a list. Want to start a debate? Make a top ten list and then watch people in the comments section take you to task for what you’ve included and what you left out.
  5. Create an infographic. These visual devices are an increasingly popular way to simplify content for your readers that otherwise might be too complex or inaccessible.
  6. Include gifs in your blog posts. The old images are now passé. These days everyone is looking for a gif that helps capture a moment or an idea.
  7. Ask a question. Why not actively stir up a debate among your readers by asking them a question on an issue of burning interest?
  8. Create a quiz. These are particularly popular types of content, because who doesn’t love a quiz, particularly when you don’t have to worry about passing or failing it?
  9. Videos have become one of the most popular forms of content on the web. Why not try your hand at making your own to add some multimedia content to your blog?
  10. Tips. This is a great way of adding value to your content by providing readers with something that they can actually use in their daily lives.
  11. How-to’s. Why not help readers by teaching them to perform a task that they might not know how to do?
  12. Tell your own story. Share a short anecdote about your life that is related to a current topic.
  13. Share an advocacy. Get your readers riled up about a certain issue.
  14. Write an editorial. Share your feelings about an issue of burning importance.
  15. Take questions. Ask your readers to submit questions and collect the best ones to answer in a regular blog post or series of posts.
  16. Run a contest. This is a great way to increase your readers’ interaction with you and your site.
  17. Share other people’s content. You can have a weekly ‘best of the web’, in which you share links to content that you think readers will be interested in.
  18. Photo of the day. Share a picture of something you found particularly interesting or a photo from another site that is going viral.
  19. Video of the day. What’s new on YouTube or other video sharing sites?
  20. Reviews. What new movie or TV show have you watched? Share your views with readers.
  21. Feature of the day. What’s the weirdest piece of news you’ve encountered? Share it.
  22. What’s trending now? Talk about the most popular searches on Google or what’s trending on Twitter.
  23. What are you playing? Tell your readers about the video games or Facebook games that have been eating up your time.
  24. Podcasts. If you have something to say, why not literally say it by recording a short podcast that readers can download or listen to from your site?
  25. Bust a myth. If there’s an urban legend spreading around that you know isn’t true, bust it!
  26. Share a power point. These short presentations are a great way to display information in a highly visual way.
  27. Song of the day. What song have you heard on the radio or online that you really liked or made you wish you were deaf?
  28. Lifehack of the day. Share a tip that will make some aspect of your readers’ lives easier or more fun.
  29. Book of the month. Recommend a book that you’ve read that you think your readers will also appreciate.
  30. Watch this movie! What movie currently in theaters do you recommend?
  31. What’s coming up? What future trend or fad do you think readers should look out for?
  32. Podcasts we love. There are thousands of podcasts on the web. Tell readers which ones you listen to and why.
  33. Share a meme. Everybody loves memes, right?
  34. Start a debate. Take a position opposite the popular one and challenge your readers to prove you wrong.
  35. Singers we love. Which artists are in constant rotation on your iPod?
  36. Finish this story.  Tell readers the set up of a story, and then challenge them to come up with an ending.
  37. Situation puzzles. Share an odd situation and challenge readers to tell you what’s really going on.
  38. Facts and figures you should know. Statistics don’t have to be boring if you present them in an interesting enough way.
  39. Refresh old content. If you have a library of evergreen content, why not take it out and update it with new facts?
  40. Invite guest writers. Ask people you respect and whose work you write to contribute an article.
  41. Post an interview. Chat with someone you find interesting and share the transcript with readers.
  42. Remember this? What song, movie, TV show or other pop culture item from the past do you miss?
  43. My favorite actor/actress. Which performer will always make you line up at the box office?
  44. Haters corner. What pop culture trend is getting on your nerves and why?
  45. Quote of the day. What utterance from the mouth of a celebrity made you stop and get angry, laugh or think?
  46. Local issues. What burning issues in your immediate community or area do you believe need attention?
  47. People we love. Profile somebody you admire, even if they’re not a celebrity. Talk about your role model in life.
  48. Bad ads. Which advertisements made you not only want to not buy the product, but tell other people to stay away too?
  49. This day in. What great events happened on this day? What celebrities are celebrating their birthdays today?
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