5 Radical Feats of Creating Content that Drives Audience Anticipation


content marketing philippinesIf you think online entrepreneurship in the Philippines is just sitting in front of your computer playing Candy Crush or something while waiting for the money to start rolling in once your website is up and running, you are dead wrong. Don’t believe in hypes.

One of the challenges that face Filipino netrepreneurs once their website is set up is creating content that drives audience anticipation. This is especially true if you have no skills or interests in curating content such as articles, videos and images. And even if you are gifted with creating quality content, it can also be difficult to come up with fresh and unique ideas that will make your visitors come back for more.

Creating content that makes your audience come back for more is something that you should be doing if you know what’s good for your website, especially since your favorite search engine Google started tweaking its algorithms once again to favor websites with high quality content. And even if Google is not in the habit of playing with its algorithms, you should still provide good content to your visitor, just like every conscientious entrepreneur should do.


Benefits of Having Great Content

You won’t be wasting your time coming up with great content if it does not provide any benefits. So to give you a kind of motivation to create compelling content for your website’s visitors, you can check out these cool benefits:

  • One benefit of having great content is better visibility. Google adores websites that have quality content more than websites that use the right keywords. When the big G finds out that your website has relevant and useful content, your website will surely climb up the page ranking ladder, making it more visible to online searchers.
  • Great content builds trust and credibility. When people go to your website and see great content, they will think that your website is a great source of useful information, which will keep them coming back for more.
  • Aside from attracting visitors, great content also encourages content sharing. And when people start sharing your content, they will know about your website and what you have to offer, which will ultimately translate to higher sales.
  • This also promotes good visitor experience. And if a visitor thinks that visiting your website is beneficial to him in certain ways, the more likely he will be converted as a customer.
  • Your website will also receive free organic links from other websites. Organic links are highly valued in SEO because they are more natural. And Google loves anything organic and natural, just like someone who is on a weight loss diet.
  • Finally, what you have probably been waiting for, great content also offers better website ROI. The better your content is, the more visitors you will have. And the more visitors your website has, the higher your sales or ROI will be.


Make them anticipate! Here are  5 Radical Feats…

1.      Give a strong opinion that provokes emotions.

A strong opinion about something always provokes an emotional response whether it is good or bad. You can make your readers laugh, smile, cry, or reminisce about their past. Heck, you can even make them angry. They always say that any form of response, even a negative response, is better than no response at all. However, do not just provoke people just because you feel like it. You should have a purpose, and that is for them to keep on reading your content or to buy your products and services.

2.      Be mysterious.

When creating content, do not get overly excited and share everything in one post. Give your visitors something to anticipate, like a good TV series or a well-written book where you cannot wait for the next episode or chapter. If you are working on a book, you can show the cover photo or post one line from the book as a kind of teaser instead of giving them the summary right away.

3.      Add prestige.

One way to attract customers is to add prestige to your content. For example, if you have a book signing event, you should consider inviting only the first 20 people who purchased your book. You may think that it seems contradictory that singling out a few readers and leaving out the rest will make your visitors come back for more. If you are familiar with human behavior, you will understand that people put more value on things that they find difficult to get. It is kind of elitist but it works all the time.

4.      Set an appointment.

If you set a regular appointment with your subscribers, they will surely anticipate your posts on these dates. Pretty much like how Throw Back Thursday on Facebook works where people post pictures of old photos every Thursday.

5.      Create a smart hook.

Attracting customers is almost the same as fishing. You have to create a smart hook to attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. You can use catchy one-lines, black and white photos, or short anecdotes to captivate your visitors.


Paul’s Last Words:

Creating compelling content is a great way to drive audience anticipation together with other SEO techniques. Hopefully, these 5 radical feats will help you come up with content for your website that will make your audience come back for more, like a hungry person craving for nourishment.

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