7 Creative Ways in Using Vine to Promote Your Brand in the Philippines

Imagine this: you’re thinking hard about the next online-marketing strategy that should be carried out, then someone cheerfully tells you to make a “vine”. You’d most likely end up staring angrily at the person, since you’ll think that you’re being ribbed at the worst possible time.

How could gardening be a way to keep up with the competition, right? You should be glad that you’d be able to dodge such a scenario, since you’ll only end up embarrassed by acting in such a manner. After all, Vine – in the world of social media – isn’t a plant, but is a fresh and popular video-sharing app.


Revolutionary App, Remarkable Perks

At this point, you probably havine marketingve questions about Vine’s usefulness as a business booster, especially since promotional clips could also be shared through YouTube and even Dailymotion. Well, unlike those two, the new video-sharing application – which is only available for iOS devices so far – is fully integrated with Twitter. Since the app is so easy to use and it already has an impressive library of 6-second looping clips, it managed to reach the coveted most-downloaded spot in the Apple store. This just means that Vine could really become your new gateway to consumer consciousness.

If you’re among those who need numbers to be convinced, then you won’t be disappointed. According to social-media analysts, around five Vines are tweeted each second in most days. During weekends netizens seem to engage in a Vine-sharing frenzy, as the amount of videos uploaded during such days often eclipse the numbers of those shared on weekdays. Here’s an even more interesting piece of info: even though it just recently reached its 100th day as a Twitter-centric app, Vine already made its presence felt since the very best videos in its database usually garner more than 40,000 shares.

Now that you’re aware of the app’s reach-related benefit, it’d be time to tell you about its time-saving advantage. Simply put, Twitter is a medium that isn’t about length and detail, instead it’s focused on the short but memorable. In this sense, you’d never have to worry about the costs of coming up with several minutes’ worth of video, since you’ll be able to achieve the same – if not even better – results by sharing clips that only last several seconds. In fact, some entrepreneurs managed to pique people’s interests just by showing “quick flicks” made by enthusiastic employees.

It’s alright if you’re still skeptical. After all, not all Filipino netizens have iPhones and you haven’t seen anyone use Vine. It’s true though, that most Filipinos desire to “connect” with those in the world of showbiz, which in turn explains why millions follow  the likes of Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, and Sarah Geronimo (in the Twitter sense and probably in other contexts too). If you’d browse the Twitter pages of such celebrities, you’ll end up surprised that spotting Vine links isn’t a challenge. Interestingly, some stars – like Iza Calzado for example – are already promoting their Vines.

Taking Advantage of a Refreshing App

Since you already know that creating your own 6-second clip is beneficial to your business, you’ll surely appreciate these creative techniques on maximizing the popular video-sharing app’s potential:

  • The Competition – one of the best ways to use Vine for the purpose of grabbing people’s attention is to create a contest. If you have an event coming up for example, give your clients – or more specifically the attendees – a chance to come up with clips that highlight the gathering’s most memorable moments and give prizes to those who manage to share videos that impress netizens.
  • Looking for a Job – this top-notch way of promoting your brand through Vine takes advantage of the enthusiasm of job seekers. To explain, if you’re currently looking for someone to fill a position, just forget about resume-related formalities and instead ask for clip-based applications that should also be shared to other people. Surely enough, many Filipinos would end up curious about your firm.
  • Creating Previews – boosting your brand could actually be as easy as creating anticipation among consumers, which in turn means that it’d be worthwhile to release video-based product previews whenever you’ll be offering something new soon. You should keep in mind though, that some are no longer intrigued by straightforward previews and thus releasing cryptic clips is a smart move from time to time.
  • Power of Animation – even if you’re not an animation aficionado, you’d still be able to use Vine as a stop-motion maker and add life to clay, toys, food, and other things. To accomplish this seemingly-difficult task, all you have to do is to press and depress your phone’s screen while recording. This will create gaps between frames, which in turn provide an animated feel to the resulting clip.
  • Share a Human Feel – it’s also possible to use Vine for “advertising” the human aspect of your company. For example, if your employees are willing enough to be captured on video during one of their breaks or even while they’re working, then you’d have a few clips that show your workers’ happiness. Upon sharing such videos, you’d end up having better sales since some consumers prefer humanized brands.
  • About Introductions – coming up with an introduction video is advantageous when trying to promote your firm. However, it’s safe to say that creating a classic, boring get-to-know clip would only lead to lackluster outcomes. Instead of shooting multi-part videos that cover every aspect of your company, just focus on its most noteworthy and unique facets.
  • Clip Discount Offers – do you remember Home TV Shopping? Well, it’s now your time to shine in trying to tempt consumers. Come up with a 6-second clip that has either an if-you-act-now or a not-one-but-two message and Tweet it to as many people as possible. Many would definitely be intrigued and pleased with your “retro” advertisement, which would lead to much more shares and better sales.


Paul’s Last Words: Become a Real Vine-vertising Pioneer

As you’ve learned throughout this write-up, there are many reasons why jumping on the Vine bandwagon is a must. Of course, you also realized just how effortless it is to benefit from the revolutionary iOS app’s brand-promoting potential. Overall, the next time your team is brainstorming about marketing strategies, you should jump up and shout: let’s make Vines!



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