8 CHAMPION Tactics of Crafting Headlines Targeted for Filipinos

tabloid-5Everytime I walk in the crowded streets of Makati, I always noticed those cheap newspapers with Super-LOL Headlines. Hindi mo alam kung tatawa ka, mababaliw o iiyak.

Look guys, an online headline does not have to be as controversial, crazy or ridiculously morbid as what can be read from daily tabloids.

While it is true, every culture including Filipinos like intrigue and mystery, but consumers are also getting much smarter. It is wiser to appeal to your prospects’ wits rather than relying on a simple penchant for controversy.


What are the Benefits to a Perfect Headline in Content Marketing?

The internet is cluttered with around 2 million blog posts created every single day, with about 294 billion emails sent out and a total average of 864 thousand hours worth of uploaded videos daily. With the addition of social media, that’s around 400 million tweets on a daily basis.

In the midst of all these noises, not everyone is paying attention. As a matter of fact, studies show that a whopping 80 percent of Filipino readers stop at reading online headlines. That leaves only 2 people out of 10 who would be kind enough to read the rest of the content. And one of the biggest reasons is that these readers may not have found the headline relevant or compelling enough to make them want to read or stay on which is why they tune out.

On the other hand, a winning headline can invoke up to 500 percent traffic. That means you can possibly break through the clutter and get through the audience by a crafting a perfect headline alone. Only that is not such an easy thing to do.


What’s the Formula for a Winning Headline?

It is not easy to break the code figure out the best ways to get straight right through your Filipino audience. They are not all the same. This is why you have to learn more killer-headlinethan their demographics. You must dig deep into their psyche.

There are plenty of ways to craft a headline. And you can probably come up with hundreds of versions to one. But speaking universally, the following formula has worked hard at persuasion. Getting these elements into your headline then is a must if you wish to break through to your audience.


1.) Be direct.

When you have a strong offer to indicate in your deadline, you no longer need to waste time coming up with wordplay. The offer can speak for itself. If you believe such an offer is compelling enough to get attention then you must not waste time or risk confusion by using jokes to play it out. For this, you can bank on familiarity and be straight to the point.


2.) Talk about the benefit.

Customers will always be asking the most basic question every marketer must answer. That is what’s in it for me?

One of the important elements of this headline formula is to state a big benefit. When getting the attention of your target audience, you must always put your best foot forward. The same goes for crafting a winning headline. That is you must place your selling point within the first words.


3.) Make it newsworthy.

Another element a perfect headline possesses is newsworthiness. Passersby would stop at a news stand and commuters would stop at the sight of a television set to watch news. The bottom line is, people want to be updated. Crafting your title in a way that exudes a powerful appeal as that of the front page headline will definitely catch some attention. So make it sound like news and it does not necessarily have to be new too.


4.) Rely on the “HOW”

A how-to headline relies on a certain need or want and banking on a promise to fulfill such. This means you also need to state not only what you intend to talk about for with the rest of the article. You also need to emphasize of how your readers can benefit from the information you have to offer. More importantly, you have to deliver and fulfill such a promise.


5.) Ask a provocative question.

Another way of approaching a headline is to ask a provocative question. And when you do craft such a question, you must bear the importance of relevance in mind. You must make sure that it is directly related to the major benefit of your offer.

Do not write a question that is neither random nor clever just for the sake of being provocative. For this trick to work, your reader must say yes after reading the headline. To the very least, the reader must be curious which can make him willing to know more and keep reading to the end.


6.) Be a dictator.

No customer would consciously admit to accepting a command. And a majority of the population would say no to a dictatorship. But effective sales copies have one thing in common. That is a strong call to action.

You can be conversational for the rest of the article. But you need to be assertive and commanding in an acceptable way through your headline. This is because readers subconsciously seek the next steps and you have to tell them what to do without sounding like a dictator. This can be achieved by providing a big benefit in exchange for taking action.


7.) Offer information.

Anything that hints order and predictability works. If you have useful information in the form of tips, secrets, laws, rules and the like, you are encouraged to use such in crafting your headline.


8.) Bank on testimonials.

Banking on a third party endorsement is always an excellent way of convincing people. The truth is individuals also tend to actively seek another person’s opinion before making a decision. These are the main reasons why using a enthusiastic testimonial will work well as a headline too.

If you do not have a testimonial to share, you can write your headline giving it a virtual testimonial appeal. You can do this by using the first person and enclosing the words inside quotation marks. Something as simple as this can make the headline absolutely more appealing and such can improve your readership.



Paul’s Last Words:

Using simple vs. controversial headlines has it’s own advantages/disadvantages. It’s up to you to Mix n’ Match trigger words which may depend on your target market.

Using power words and numbers can also make a difference to your headline. The point is your headline has to be enough to make the reader think, stop and read through. And it is perfect when it is right for your readers.

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