8 Clever Tips to Revive Your Dead Blog in the Philippines

If you were to make a tombstone for your blog, the epitaph would probably read “My blog – Jan. 2013 – Feb. 2013. Yes, the month is not over yet but your blog might be on its way to eternal oblivion. In this post, let us focus on why a blog dies and how you can bring it back to life.


No motivation

Sometimes, all you need to have is just the proper motivation.

Why Blogs Die

No motivation in writing. What is your blog about? Or more importantly, why did you create it? Blogs offer the widest possible avenue for talking about everything under the sun, but if you do not have a core motivation that keeps everything together, you will see your account’s demise in no time.

Money is the priority. There are a lot of blogs out there in the Philippines. In fact, there are thousands of them. So if you say that you intended to make money out of your blog, there could be a million competitors before you start earning a peso. That is because prior to adding money into your goal, you need to get your blogs existence known to a variety of audience first.

Your niche is not your passion. Filipinos likes Niche blogs. Your niche is like your focus of study in college. So if you have created a blog about aerospace engineering but you are not really passionate about it, you can say bye-bye to your blog probably next week, if not, this weekend.

Your expectations are sky high. What gave you the idea that you can get all your goals at the shortest amount of time and at the same time? Remember, the Internet brought with it a good deal of competition and with the complexities in SEO, keyword analysis, competition analysis and so on, you have a lot to learn before you will get realistic about what to expect.

Your focus is on traffic. Blogs like WordPress allow you to check your visitor stats daily. But if you do that every hour, you are losing the point of optimizing the meaning behind these stats. Why keep on checking it when you can create more content to sustain your visitors?

You are immobile. What use is it to have friends or other bloggers around if you do not get them to be involved? And by that, it means that you also need to promote other people’s blogs and tap your friends to pay yours a visit. With a stratified networking strategy, you will be able to direct active traffic towards your blog. Producing content but keeping still allows you to build a cairn in a short time.

Laziness. Yes, fellow bloggers, laziness is the enemy of every Writer. And if you couple that with being a perfectionist in your manner of writing – that is you are more concerned with grammar and sentence structure more than free flowing content, then your blog will say goodbye even before you do. Strive to write anything that comes to your mind and deal with issues in writing afterwards.

How to Revive your Blog

So, you are now looking at the remnants of what was once your blog. You did that because you think that you felt the urge to start writing again. Well, here’s help for you on how to do it.

1.) Get started. If you want to write again, then the basic way to do it is to start writing. For obvious reasons, you can never move on without completing this most important step. And hi_Blog-01what should you write about? This time, write about anything that comes in mind just to get your senses working. Afterwards, you can move to content with respect to your niche.

2.) Redesign your blog. People believe that if you are starting anew, you need to bring in a lot of new things in your life. In your blog’s case, you can bring in a new appearance. You can edit your blog’s theme, the About Me page, your blog categories, and the features that people see in your blog. This will allow you to experience a sense of a new beginning.

3.) Revive your old posts. Majority of Filipino bloggers who tries to revives their blogs should always post fresh, new articles. But it doesn’t mean that you should forget your old posts. You have the option to improve and re-share them, or link to them in your related articles.

4.) Comment on other blogger’s blogs. Do not be too selfish to keep the comments yourself. Comment on others too and they’d do the same for you. At this point, you officially started networking.

5.) Use social media. Right now, blog sites are giving bloggers the tools necessary to promote their blog accounts. Even if you are using a free blog service, you can still brag about your recent posts in social media sites like Facebook. And since you have a lot of friends, you can tag them all.

6.) Connect with friends and influencers. An optional strategy, it proves helpful to let your friends know that a place for literary entertainment has been brought to life again. They’d be delighted if you promote your stuff well.

7.) Find your motivation. What prompted you to go back writing? You might say that you just felt the urge to do it; but why? You can’t keep using that reason forever. If you no longer feel the urge to do so, what happens?

8.) Establish realistic goals. You can never run away from goal-setting. There has to be a purpose in your blog. Is it to rant about how Philippine politics is nasty? Is it about how local celebrities invest so much on their physical appearance than their talent? Is it about social media? There are clues for you.

If you notice, the life and death of a blog is a cycle. This is because just like Novelists, bloggers have their own sad and happy times. How you value your blog tells much about how many deaths it will endure and how many lives it will claim on its own.

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