8 Essential Habits of Top-Notch Content Marketers in the Philippines


Every online marketing advice you’d get to read has something to do with having good content on your website. But what does content mean exactly?

Well, content is anything that’s in your webpage from pictures, videos, music, documents and text. Content marketing is therefore the process of promoting the information contained in your website. Now the next question is – what does it take to have good content for Filipinos? You’ll notice that all the viral contents today have a combination of these elements in common:

  • Useful, engaging or informational
  • Funny or entertaining
  • Innovative, new or trending
  • Well crafted (article, image, video)
  • Offers free ice cream


Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing. The ultimate showdown.

Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing. The ultimate showdown.

Benefits of having Good Content that People Love

Good content is followed. Filipinos tend to follow or save any content they find useful. Take for instance the “Tales from the Friendzone” videos by Ramon Bautista. Individuals who find the videos informational and funny tend to hit the Subscribe button so that they can be informed whenever new updates are made.

Good content is shared. Filipinos who find something useful or funny tend to share the information to others. They may post it on Facebook, place it on Twitter or put it in their blogs.

Whether your good content is followed or shared, the end result is that you’re gaining exposure within your target market. There is nothing more important in this world than word-of-mouth.


The 8 Habits of Innovative Content Marketers

So far, we’ve been focusing on the content – but what about the content marketer? Keep in mind that no matter how good your content happens to be, it wouldn’t spread itself. As a content marketer, your goal is for the information to be seen by as many of your target as possible, whether local or international. In order to do these, here are some of the techniques and habits you might need to develop.


1-   Recycle your good content. If you’ve got something that received excellent feedback from the market, don’t be afraid to repost it. There’s a good chance that your new followers haven’t seen it yet. You can also try generating different contents from the original one. For example, create a video or an infographic out of your content. This way, you can distribute it to more marketing platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube.

2-   Be consistent. This refers not just to the quantity of your content but to the quality as well. It’s important that your followers will always have something to look forward to every time they visit. Try creating a schedule and letting them know when you usually uploaded new content – and follow through with the promise. Quality should also be consistent as well. If possible, announce your next week’s topic beforehand so that your followers will have a stronger incentive to come back.

3-   It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Be aware of what makes content more user-friendly. For example, overly long videos tend to be ignored so try to limit their length to 3 to 5 minutes. Your articles should also be divided into several paragraphs to make reading them easier.

4-   Integrate your content to make updates easy. For example, you can link your WordPress blog with Facebook and Twitter so every post is shared with your followers. By doing this, you get to reach as many of your market as possible.

5-   Set goals, achieve them and use it for further improvement. Most people set goals like “get 100 shares for my content”. That’s a good goal because it basically helps you extend

Set direct goals in your strategy.

Set direct goals in your strategy.

your reach. Even better, it’s also measurable so you’d know when you finally hit it. However, your goal shouldn’t stop there. The number is just a tool to tell you where to look for improvement. For example, you’ve got 100 shares on a specific content. Ask yourself – what did I do with this content that made it reach 100 shares? This is the element you have to identify and reuse for further content production.

6-   Be excited about what you’ve got. Create content that manages to convey your emotions. This is why good article writers are often needed to generate textual content. You need people, video editors and graphic designers that can inject personality into your content. It has to be engaging enough to get your followers excited.

7-   Be one of the firsts when it comes to topics relating to your industry. This is especially true for some niches. Always welcome the results of new studies, new information and new theories. Don’t just take into account theories but also back them up with hard numbers. Utilize reputable sources like the New York Times in your content if necessary. This is one of the best ways to infuse credibility into your account. It can even increase your Google Author Rank which should help in the long run. Essentially, you need to establish yourself as the resident guru when it comes to the niche. Remember – it’s not just about your content but also the source of content – YOU!

8-   Lastly, good content marketers look beyond the content. They are aware of the people side of marketing and take the time to communicate with these people. Your goal is to create a network of loyal followers that will look to you for answers about their niche-related questions. This is why most content platforms have a feature for feedbacks. This way, you’d be able to know and measure your reach and find out how people are reacting to your presence.


Paul’s Last Words: Wrapping Up Content Marketing

Essentially, good content is all about supplying your readers with something they either find funny or important. It’s a process that takes time and as a content marketer, you may not always generate something that becomes a big hit. When you do however, it’s crucial to take advantage of it through reproduction and redistribution.

As for the marketing side of your content, it’s important to remember that no single strategy works. You need to employ different ones to get your message across. It’s going to be tough but overtime, you should be able to establish a solid following. Remember: good content may replicate itself, but it will spread better with the right marketing strategies. Also, no matter what content type you use, you have to make sure that it is traced back to you as the author.


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