8 Swashbuckling Stuffs You Need to Do After Publishing a Blog Post


If you are serious about treating your blog as more than a hobby, that is, if you want to use it to make money, then you have to treat every blog post as important. Remember that your readers’ time is important and you don’t want them to react like a wild cat when they read your post.

blog meme philippinesDo you?

So every time you sit down to write, you should do your best to ensure that you’re producing a blog post that is worth spending time reading. Give your visitors content that is valuable to them, and they will keep coming back again and again, giving you a precious opportunity to monetize your blog.


The Benefits of Promoting Your Blog Posts

There is an old riddle that asks, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The same line of thinking can be applied to your blog posts. If you publish a blog post and no one is there to read it, then it might as well not exist.

The thing is, it is not enough to produce good content; you have to promote it as well. Promoting your blog post is not immodest – think of it as introducing Filipinos to something that they can benefit from. And you should also remember that each blog post represents an investment of your time and effort, so you want to expose it to as many readers as possible.

And when you successfully promote a blog post and it gets a reader – you are also winning a lead that you can market to and who is more inclined to listen to what you have to say.


The 8 Things You Need to Do After Writing a Blog Post in the Philippines

  1. Link to older posts. If a reader reads your blog and likes it, you want them to be able to read similar content that they would also enjoy. This would increase the time
    Practice inter-linking your blog posts just like this one. =)

    Practice inter-linking your blog posts just like this one. =)

    they spend on your blog and help build loyalty to it as they would regularly return to not only explore fresh content but also look at older content. You also get a side benefit to creating internal links on your blog in that it can help increase the rankings on search engine results pages of lower ranked posts.

  2. Add keywords to your blog posts. Keywords are the search terms that Internet users type into search engines, and are the main way that the search engine bot determines how relevant your post is to their search. Write down the list of topics covered in your blog post and type them into the Google Adwords free keyword research tool. Find the most popular search terms and add them to your blog post. Use one or two on your title as well.
  3. Abbreviate your post’s URL. This will make it easier for you to share the link back to your blog. You can use services such as bit.ly or Ow.ly.
  4. Share your content on social media sites. Tweet a link to your blog post and share the link on your Facebook page as well as any other social networking sites you may be a member of such as LinkedIn. Make sure that you create an attractive teaser for your post along with the link.  But keep in mind that your blog post will likely inspire responses from your readers, so don’t forget to respond to comments that you feel are particularly relevant. This way you’ll be starting a conversation with your audience and building their interest in you.
  5. Use social bookmarking sites to promote your content. This is a great way for new readers to discover your blog. All you have to do is submit your story and thenblog marketing philippines wait until enough users of the site vote on it to bring it to the front page. Getting a story on the front page of sites like Digg or Reddit is an effective way to drive new traffic to your blog. However, like all social networking sites, the key is to participate in the community and recommend good content, even if it is not your own.
  6. Leave a comment in other local blogs. Use search engines to look for blog posts that have topics related to your post. Leave comments on two or three that you find the most relevant to your blog post. But make sure that your comment offers something of value to the discussion and don’t comment simply for the sake of doing so. If the owner of the blog allows it, you should also include a backlink to your blog post. If not, maybe you can just paste the URL onto the end of your comment. But you should always make sure that you respect the etiquette of the blog you are leaving comments on.
  7. Reach out to your readers. If you know a particular reader/s who you think would be particularly interested in your blog post, why not send them e-mails with a link back to your post? If they like your post and find it useful, they will take it upon themselves to share it with their friends, helping more people to learn about it.
  8. Promote your blog post in your e-mail signature. If you send out a lot of e-mails for business, you can use apps such as Wisestamp that will display your blog post teaser as part of your e-mail signature that is hyperlinked back to the original post. This is a simple method that could help you get some traffic back to your blog.


Blog-meme-2.0Paul’s Last Words:

Promoting your blog post is one of the most important things you can do as a serious Filipino blogger. Ultimately, when you are promoting your blog posts, your long-term goal is to build up your online reputation as an expert in your particular niche. This will open up a world of possibilities for you. Not only will you be able to monetize your blog by placing ads on it, you can even avail of other opportunities such as lecturing on your chosen subject or even writing your own book.







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