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Breaking news in the Philippines always has the potential to spread like wild fire especially among those in the industry that is directly affected by the story. News jacking is about hitching a free ride on the attention and the impact that the breaking news is likely to create.

Fox-News-MEMEIt is about re-routing the impact of the story to your company’s favor much like a ‘scene stealer’ or an attention grabber and positioning yourself at a vantage point when everybody else starts talking about it the next day. Imagine the huge traffic it will bring.

Don’t worry because there is nothing illegal about news jacking although admittedly the way the word was coined denotes some sort of criminal activity since it sounds similar to hijacking. (I believe the pun was intended.) You won’t be stealing a story or plagiarize someone else’s work. What you will do is make a rewrite of the breaking news story in a manner where you infuse your own spin and your own angle so that it now relates to your company points to your brand. The idea is to get as much share of the attention and the buzz from Filipinos before the breaking news become stale news.


The Benefits you stand to gain with News Jacking

News Jacking is a content marketing technique. Content marketing involves publishing posts about popular and relevant topics to attract readers and drive traffic to your site and certainly news jacking perfectly fits in as an effective tool to achieve this.

The immediate benefits you stand to gain from news jacking are two-fold.

  • The first benefit you will get is increased traffic to your site. You will be plunged into a maelstrom of attention when people start talking about the breaking story in the next two days. Those who are directly affected by it will definitely scour the internet for more information perhaps even going to the extent of checking Twitter hash tags for related terms. And because what you have to offer is exactly what these people are actively searching for, and your post is properly optimized for it, you stand to get a lion share of the spill off traffic from potential readers and customers affected by the news.
  • The second benefit is enhanced conversions. The traffic you will get is not from casual visitors with no other attention but to surf for news. Instead, what you will get is a highly targeted traffic consisting of people who have genuine interest and passion for the topic. This would mean converting the page views into concrete will not be difficult.


How to effectively use newsjacking in your Content Marketing Strategies

Incorporating newsjacking into your current content marketing should not be a problem. You can do it in six simple steps which are all quite easy and straight forward. The secret lies on how fast you can think and act on the breaking news by posting your own account. And of course, your brand must be interconnected or somewhat related with the news story.

  1. Make sure you have a constant flow of breaking news from various sources. Aside from constantly monitoring the news. Subscribe to the news feeds of various news newsjack marketingorganizations and set up alerts where ever you should also set up alerts wherever possible to save you the time and effort and to make sure you get your hands on the news when it happens as it happens.
  2. Analyze the keywords and trends. Once you have a story, start creating content around it immediately but make sure you’ve done a quick search for the right keywords to use and that the keyword phrase you chose has a high search volume. This will give the added benefit of having extra juice from organic searches.
  3. Be credible and maintain originality in your post. Avoid being a copy cat because instead of recouping attention you will only reap ridicule. Get to the original news source and research what has already been written about the topic by others. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the story before writing your own post.
  4. Time is a big contributing factor to the success of your newsjacking. You have but a small window of opportunity between the times the news first broke out and before the major media outfits start rolling out their own. So you need to be quick with your writing without sacrificing accuracy.
  5. Be sure you have unique content and that it gives great value to your readers which the other articles already written about it don’t have. In other words, you should give people a good reason to cite your content over all the others written about the same topic.
  6. Share your modified story. Don’t rely merely on the anticipated organic search traffic. You can drum up additional traffic to your site by extending the reach of your content by sharing it in all your social media networks, groups and online communities. Explore all possible distribution channels where you can spread your content.


Philippine based News Outfits you may include in your news sources

Below is a list of Philippine based news outfits which can be good source for local breaking news:

Local TV News Channel 2

Programs: TV Patrol, Bandila

Local News Channel 7

  • Solar News                                          Website: http://www.solarnews.ph/
  • Inquirer.net                                         Website: http://www.inquirer.net/
  • Manila Bulletin Online                       Website:  http://mb.com.ph/main.php
  • Sun Star                                               Website: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/
  • Rappler                                               Website: http://www.rappler.com/

All of the above news outfits have their own Twitter accounts and RSS feeds. It is best to subscribe to all of them so you won’t miss out any local breaking news.


How-to-NewsjackPaul’s Last Words:

Newsjacking is without a doubt an effective content marketing tool. People who have used it correctly will swear that it has brought them tons of quality traffic. But that’s the catch – you have to use it correctly otherwise people will view it as a cheap attempt to exploit the situation. Like a double edge sword it can cut both ways. Done correctly it can bring you fortunes. Done sloppily, it will expose your intention to exploit the people’s genuine interest for the topic.

You should also be extremely discerning with your choice of story to newsjack. Not all of the breaking news will be good content material for your site. Choose the stories that are related to the topics you delve with on your site. Avoid newsjacking negative news like death of a prominent figure, a natural calamity, or a military coup.  You have to think of the sensibilities of your audience otherwise it will work against you instead of for you. Always monitor the news – Find a potential story to jack! =)

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