Creating a Viral Infographic for Your Philippine Business

Having infographics in your content marketing strategy is a brilliant way of sharing exciting information to your customers.


The technical definition of an Infographic is, the visual representation of data incorporated with meaningful images in order to more effectively and efficiently process


A basic infographic about credit report.

information. In my opinion, it can be summed up into “words with visuals”.

If you are still unsure of what an Infographic is, think about the weather report. There are pictures that represent the level of sunshine, rain, clouds, etc.  This is the classic Infographic format.


Essential Elements with a Filipino Twist

A basic Filipino marketing Infographic has 3 essential elements. These are:

  • Visuals: This includes graphs, icons and some splash of color. I personally prefer just a sprinkling of color, but with Filipino’s you can get away with a splash.
  • Data: Filipinos love timeframes, statistics, and surveys. Just make sure the entity making the survey is known as competent and impartial. Now display or mention the name of the surveying agency prominently.
  • Impact: Appeal to the particular sector of society you are targeting. If you are targeting several, or the general populace, better make several Infographics and a central one. I find appeal to emotion and/or humor very effective.


Why the Need for Visuals?

Without going into the details, suffice it to say that, the cognitive functions of the brain, can better process information if the same is a combination pictures and the written word. This is because one side of the brain processes the words and the other side of the brain processes the picture. In short, two sides of the brain are better than one.




Another infographic which features the most expensive cities. =)


21st Century Approach

Think Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Adobe, Flash, HTML 5, CSS3, etc. You might not realize it but Infographics can be timed to provide an interactive “comic page” like feel to the presentation. However, from my experience some programmers plus web designers goes overboard with the visuals. As a result the presentation gets cluttered and confusing.


How to Create Infographics? – Avoid Clutter at all costs

Some get too attached with a particular graphic idea and then just stamp the info on top, as if it was an afterthought. Tip: try the ½ by 5 and the 10 rule. Let us say your Infographics is as big as one sheet of bond paper (8.5 by 11.5). If the sheet drops down or is longer or wider adjust the number of lines accordingly. In my experience, you want to divide the “sheets” so that the whole page shows on a maximized window or computer screen. Be careful with the formatting. You have to consider desktop, laptops, tablets, smart phones. Nothing irritates a netizen more than having to scroll down to view the other half of the presentation. If you need to make it longer then I suggest cutting the page.

The first approach means you divide the surface area into two. One-half will be dedicated to a central idea or figure that will then be tastefully highlighted with useful information tidbits. The lower half of the sheet will then be divided into five. This is where you discuss 5 main focuses of the Infographics.

The second approach is a lot simpler, and is used if you do not need a substantial portion of the surface to showcase a central picture. Limit the ideas you present on one Infographic sheet (8.5 by 11.5) to 10 main ideas. You can branch off, but only insofar as the sheet is not saturated with too much information (20 lines is my personal maximum). Remember, your goal is to catch the attention of the reader then give information at a glance.

These are just basic suggestions about the sizes, you can always break the rule. =)


Getting it Viral….

The term “viral” when applied to advertising and marketing is a good thing. It means, that your infographic will spread so fast and get so much publicity that the product or service gains its own goodwill in a matter of days, sometimes even hours from initial release. In other words you create a “buzz” that generates online traffic back to your website. This not only propels the product or service but also the entity or enterprise behind the same. In my opinion the word “viral” must also include the element of a limited budget, time crunch, and recall.

Infographics has higher chances of getting viral than regular blog posts. They’re regularly shared among bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs – Not to mention the link juice when they linked back to your site.


Viral Paths

There are different ways to make a viral campaign for an infographic. Nowadays the most tried and tested would be to upload the same on different social networks, online communities, blogs, video streams, document sharing networks, etc. You can utilize different paths without sacrificing the overall quality of the campaign. Create a social media sharing plan of your infographic.’s Frontpage. Tell stories with data! =)


Market Mavens

Infographic marketing is incredibly effective when you have delivered it to a targeted group in your niche. You want to target individuals who are more likely to be interested in your campaign. And have the capacity or even the incentive to communicate the same to their own social networks. This is via the internet, word of mouth, etc. Tip: bounce ideas off campaigners who can make a great call to action; sales people who can polish the rough edges of the sales pitch; and to the average consumer to see if the message is received loud and clear.

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