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Video marketing in YouTube is a relatively inexpensive way to reach out to a world audience via amateur and/or professional grade videos. This form of social networking is characterized as guerrilla and has the potential to go viral. No, not the guerrilla who fights in the jungle, and no, not the virus that makes you sick!

youtube marketing memeRather it is the kind of guerrilla that lets you compete with the biggest brands. It is the kind of virus that infects with your idea (and face), hundreds of thousands, millions, even billions of viewers worldwide. Simply put, you can be a household name within a relatively short period of time and for a pittance!


How Viral, is Viral?

In order to get to the “most popular videos” tab of YouTube your video needs at least 800,000 views. This can take anywhere between several weeks to several months. The former is your long term goal while the latter is your short term goal. This article will discuss how you can achieve the same. Emphasis is given on getting to the top and then staying there.


Useful Statistics

The first question that pops up is “How does YouTube compare to mainstream television”? Let’s put it to you this way:

  • There are more videos uploaded in YouTube in several months, than the top three (3) media networks in the United States foryoutube statistics the past half century!
  • Some of the most popular YouTube videos have more than 1 BILLION views. Case in point is the worldwide phenom, Psy and his Gangnam Style.  This video was uploaded 10 months ago, and as of June 1, 2013 it has 1,631,784,120 views.
  • In 2011 YouTube was able to garner more than 1 TRILLION views
  • In any given month there are more than 1 BILLION unique users that visit YouTube.
  • There are more than 1 MILLION advertisers in YouTube. This includes big business, some of the more iconic brands, luxury brands, etc. BUT majority are classified as small business enterprises!
  • 1 out of 4 Americans watch at least 1 internet video a day.
  • 7 out of 10 marketers and advertisers use YouTube or have a YouTube channel


Elements of a “Popular Video”

Is there a science to getting more hits, more likes, and more favourites? Based on our extensive research, the most popular YouTube video’s and channels have several key recurring elements.  This includes but is not limited to the discussion below.


  • Idea (Your Concept)idea

It all starts with an idea.

Make sure your video is INSANELY interesting. Be AWESOMELY original – don’t target over-saturated niches and topics. It is easier to attract attention if your content offers something fresh to your target audience.

  • Content (Your Heart and Soul)

Other things you’ll need is an intriguing thumbnail, a creative headline and a catchy description. Make it short and descriptive. Be honest about your content. You need to get to the point. Avoid too much introduction. More importantly, keep your videos short. Most of the viral videos are under 5 minutes.

  • Branding (Your Identity)

You need to brand your videos. Create a unique identity that everyone will recognize.

Case in point is the Philip de Franco Show. This guy likes to provide viewers with a weekly dose of 7 to 10 minute news. He talks weird, he talks fast, his mouth moves in an awkward manner. His news reports are extremely entertaining but not earth shaking. More importantly he utilized his personal ticks, turned it into a brand and owned it. Now this guy regularly gets more than a million views. What’s more, alot of wannabe YouTube reporters are imitating his fast phased style and editing techniques. You know what they say about imitation, it’s the best form of flattery and measure to success.

  • Congruency (Your Similarity)

You provide your audience with a similar element in ALL your posts and you must stick with it. This helps the viewers identify with your videos. And it helps with recall. Simply put, give the audience what they want and expect! Don’t give your audience too much variety.

Case in point is Epic Meal Time. This YouTube channel is all about man cooks who will do outrageous things with food. For example, they made lasagna out of hundreds of fast food items. They also concocted a 100 pound chocolate bar from different types of Hershey chocolates. The common elements in their videos are, out of this world meal, lots of calories,Jack Daniels, and bacon, bacon, and more bacon.

  • Capitalize on a Network or Social Sphere (Your Audience)

    One billion views - Oh my gulay!

    One billion views – Oh my gulay!

Most Videos and/or channels target a specific segment of netizens i.e. techies, trekkies, coffee geeks, gun nuts, college students, yuppies, etc. By doing so, you have a ready audience who will not only view your post BUT click like, share, favourite, etc. Tip: The bigger and more self contained the network the better!

Case in point is the YouTube channel of FPS Russia. This guy targets gun nuts, air soft enthusiasts, as well as first person shooter gamers. He’s actually American but he claims to be a “professional Russian, hates, Justin Bieber, and speaks with the stereotypical Russian accent. He regularly rakes in hundreds of thousands, even millions of views per video.

  • Regular Posting Schedule (Your Commitment)

This means on a specific day, preferably every week. This way your audience knows when to search your channel and to look for new videos. Your release day depends on your target market. For example: Bloggers need content at the start of the week or Slackers are looking to be entertained over the weekend.

Always look at your comments and reply – this way your audience can interact with you. This interaction leads to familiarity and a sense of belonging.

  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in 1 Basket (Your A/B Testing)

If you are new at this then it is better to create several differently themed but singularly purposed YouTube videos. You get it out there and see what response you get. This is sort of a fishing expedition. Tip: Never lose sight of your target demographic.

  • Promote it! (Your Shareability)

Link and/or “friend” your YouTube channel and/or videos to other videos and/or channels with a larger following, preferably one that has similar interests or like presentation. You can even be a guest on another channel. Make your video a reply to another (more popular video). Better yet, request that your audience make a reply video to your video. This way you take advantage of their social spheres! And don’t forget social media.

  • Leverage in Video SEO (Your Findability)

Your audience will be actively searching for your content, videos and channel. Make sure that your title tags and keywords drive traffic into your channel. The basic format is; primary keyword, secondary keyword, and brand/descriptive title. You can use internet marketing softwares like MOZ to help you determine your keywords. Tip: The more important keyword is nearer the title tag. Last but not the least, control the length. As a general rule 70 characters is your maximum.


Paul’s Last words:

Your goal is a steady stream of channel visitors, preferably those who have enough incentive to click like, favourite and comment! This way you gradually build steam for the next video, and the next, then the next. This is a better approach than a hit it or miss it one wherein you can get a million views in one video but have absolutely no idea how you did it. Always remember – It always starts with an idea! =)

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