How to Create an Epic SlideShare Presentation for Filipinos

Every day, people manage to catch other people’s attention. Remember the Love Bug? The guy responsible for it is now working for Microsoft. What about Facebook? You know what Mark Zuckerberg did and how it got him attention. And yes: who would forget the girl in the #Amalayer fame and the guy involved in MMDA?

Slideshare is known as the quiet giant of content marketing.

Slideshare is known as the quiet giant of content marketing.

What the people above have in common is their power to capture attention. No, this post is not about to tell you how you can capture the Filipino’s ire by being histrionic. It aims to tell you that there are other ways to capture this nation’s attention other than by having a hash tag next to your face. Enter SlideShare. It is a content sharing community that houses relevant materials in the form of slides. But how is it relevant? It can get you spotted not only by employers, but by audiences. Most importantly, it can boost your online marketing efforts.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Filipinos always talk about numbers and often, people don’t get it. Numbers are quantifiers to everything under the sun. From how many girlfriends you’ve had, to your testimonials in Friendster, to your friends in Facebook, and visits in your WordPress blog. Here are the numbers establishing SlideShare’s star power.

  • 150 – SlideShare is ranked within the top websites on the Internet.
  • 60 – In millions, it denotes the number of visitors SlideShare gets monthly.
  • 3 – In billions, it indicates the number of slide views in SlideShare per month.
  • 1,140 – The number of slide views per second.
  • 507 – The number of visitors SlideShare gets from the Business Owners.

While numbers indicate hope and bring about valuable information, what do the numbers above mean when it comes to online marketing?

Traffic. SlideShare presentations that are frequently visited bring about increased traffic to your website. Why? If you notice, a growing number of presentations now include calls-to-action. Calls-to-action are elements that lead people to other places over the web like your website.

Conversion rate. If your SlideShare presentation is optimized enough, the visitors you get might turn into actual customers. Curiosity killed the cat. But curiosity means revenues for your business. So a better way of putting it is curiosity killed your competition. How? Through an increase in conversion rate, you continue to accumulate revenues.

Lead generation. Not all visitors turn out to be customers but the demographics allow you to establish leads. What kind of people visits your page? What are they doing in it? How long do they stay? What prompted them to check you out? In Africa, lions are known to check safari cars by coming near visitors. Sometimes, lions and cheetahs go up a car’s roof just to get site of a prey in the nearby grassland. Clever, isn’t it? What if the car is your website, the lion is your audience, and the grassland is your product or service? Well, then you are the driver.

It all seems too good to be true that a website only devoted to showing slides can do as much to your online marketing efforts. Still, belief is based on your personal perception. If you are at least considering SlideShare as a potential revenue channel, then you are welcome to adapt these tips.


SlideShare Optimizations and How You Can Succeed

Keep it Short – and Seductive. Be engaging, concise, and interesting. Offer relevant content and leave something that can play in audience’s minds. If you give it all out, you’ll include

A presentation from HubSpot.

A presentation from HubSpot.

more text in your presentation than necessary.

Show not Tell. A lot of people want to hear themselves talk. Don’t be one of them. Instead, introduce images in your presentation to capture the ideas you want to deliver. In addition, do not forget to use tags and headings.

Keep it purposeful. What is the main point of your presentation? Is it mainly for content marketing? Is it for search engine marketing? Is it for public relations? Maybe it’s for events? Make each of your presentations purposeful by filtering content.

Capitalize on calls-to-action. What calls-to-action can you use? Like, Share, Click, email, tweet, and embed. Anything that makes your audience do something is considered a call to action. What does this mean to your business? It means increased visibility for you, increased popularity, increased traffic to your site, and of course, increased conversion rate.

Integrate SEO. Before you put up content in your slides, write down relevant keywords about your topic and your business. It pays to integrate local keywords because it helps your presentation get to search engine results.

Consider Length. The average number of slides in a presentation that get the most views is 10 to 30. Don’t be too limited or be too exhaustive about your discussion. After all, an average number of slides means that you have weeded out impertinent information and retained considerably valuable information. Just make sure it’s really valuable.

Build anticipation. Look at how trailers work! The third season trailer of Game of Thrones has been watched by millions of people. The show did not start until March this year but the trailer was released in the third quarter of 2012. You don’t need a trailer. Go to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking site you’re on and start teasing your audience about the greatest slideshow on earth – yours.

Pull existing content. Get your treasure chest out, leaf through it, and see if you can upload useful materials as a start. Note that you do not have to be an established business owner to use SlideShare. Focus on content before you move towards visibility.

Quality presentation. Just like being punctual when attending a job interview, the quality of your presentation is a basic factor in optimization. How often do you use white, blue, or whatever space in your slides? How well do you distribute text, images, embedded videos, and links? How is your design and order of slides?

Everyone gets their own taste of their first time. It’s not too late for you to partake of the offers of online tools like SlideShare. Analyze the numbers provided above and see how it translates to a better business for you. And when you are ready, design your own presentation with your business goals in mind. Engage users in your SlideShare presentations to create opportunities for your brand! =)

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