Mutant Guestblogging 101 – for Filipino Marketers and Entrepreneurs


guestblogging memeQ: Why do some Filipino marketers gets rejected for guestblogging?

A: Because they act as weird, robotic Mutants.

Guest blogging is a popular marketing strategy over the Internet nowadays, and we predict that the trend will be sizzling hot in the Philippines within a matter of months, a year or two. It involves someone to write a guest post in someone’s (usually more popular) blog. People seek the permission of the blog owner before their work can be posted on the site. However, there has been quite a trend nowadays that involves Mutants “bugging, blasting & begging” bloggers to to post for their blog.


Okay Paul, how does Guestblogging works?


Guest blogging is a two-way marketing strategy, as this involves the application of either of these two practices:

  1. Guest blogging on another person’s blog

    paul agabin pointing

    – If a blog has caught your attention, you can ask the blog owner if s/he allows for guest posts. This will provide additional content to the blog, making it more visible to search engines and drive more visitors to the site. This in turn, will also give your personal/company brand to gain more credibility and attract more leads, as your post has been featured in their blog.

  2. Allowing guest bloggers to provide content on your blog

    – if you have your own blog, other bloggers can also do the same. This time, they will ask for your permission to allow them to submit a guest blog. Readers always want a fresh voice. It’s both a win=win situation for both of you.

Guest blog posting philippines

The picture above will give you a better idea about the differences between regular blogging and guest blogging. In guest blogging, you get to widen your network and be recognized by others. And this is far better marketing compared to being followed by avid fans such as your parents and pets. This also proves that scratching another person’s back will lead them to scratch yours as well…although you will need to do a lot of scratching just to get what you need from them. =D




How can Filipino marketers benefit from guest blogging?


Guest blogging in the Philippines can provide the following benefits to both parties:

guest blogging benefits

  • Since one person will be writing for another, it is unavoidable for you to know more about them (or them to know about you).

    Either way, this will result in an increased network of people. You may even need to “stalk” your prospects in order to get to know them better. Just make sure you don’t do it in a creepy way (like following them even in private places).


  • Providing guest blogs (or receiving one) is also one way of marketing your own content.

    This is because guest blogs are always aimed at improving the work of the other person. This then leads to larger number of visitors and getting more hits on search engines, making the site more popular. Guest blogging can also be used in conjunction with social media marketing.

    • As the site gets more visitors or customers, the blog owner is compelled to extend the same action to the guest blogger. Hence, the blog owner will also promote your website and provide additional content to it. By promoting the other person’s website, you get to increase their chances for success and in turn, market your own content for free.


  • You get to discover another business opportunity aside from what you’re currently engaged in.

    Because of the larger variability in your viewers, you will somehow get to discover a particular need of the market that you have (or need to) fulfill. Seriously, having more blog visitors and money is not bad, huh?


If you’re not yet convinced at what guest blogging can do for you, look at the infographic below. This data only goes to show how much will you miss if you will not start guest blogging. You may be find it difficult to establish relationships in person (which may be your reason for starting a blog in the first place), but this is one network that you would want to keep and establish (after all, friends don’t give you money).

guestblogging infographic



How to start your EPIC Guestblogging Adventure


Before you get started with your guestblogging, there are three things that you need to know first:start guest blogging


  • What is your niche?

    – This refers to your brand’s industry. You need to find a blog that has the same industry as yours. Try asking for ideas to the blogger on what to post in his/her blog. You can post any type of online content – Articles, Infographics, Slides, Videos, etc.

    It is imperative that you evaluate the topics in your niche that you are comfortable writing with or you have substantial knowledge. Never write content about a topic where your interest to it can be compared to the size of an ant. Because if you do, expect that you’ll be seen as a troll, a boring professor, or worst – a mutant.


  • Who will write the posts?

    – Just as the diagram suggests, not all blog owners have the necessary skills to provide quality content. You may have the idea and can manage the business well, but you cannot always do everything. If your writing skills are as horrible as those with halitosis, then you need to find somebody who can provide you with high quality content. Never make your prospect regret ever asking you to send a guest blog by submitting content that can easily be outmatched by grade school children.


  • Who is my audience?

DFAgabin9938– The call center agents in Makati? The upper class people in Eastwood? The takatak boys in Muntinlupa?

By knowing your target market, you can further analyze which of their needs can be fulfilled by your business. It can also be used to forecast which needs might arise in the future, thus enabling you to prepare for it even before the trends change. You would want your arrows to go through the apple, not on the person’s head.

Taking these things into consideration will put you on the right track in guest blogging before you start looking for the website that will allow you to post for them.


where to blog in the philippines


Should I blog for this website or not?


The websites presented in the above are some of the links that you can visit if you want to look for blog sites that accepts guest posts. But aside from consulting the algorithm…err…database of these websites, you can find the right website to submit a guest blog by following these tips.

  • Decide if the website is the one that you’re looking foris this the blog im looking for

    – Although these websites can provide you with an array of blog sites where you can submit your work based on your preferences, they do not always provide the website where your work will be most useful. Therefore, you need to peruse each website provided by these tools and evaluate whether your expertise and content fits the target of the said blog page.


  • Is the site sending too much spam?

    – Just as your e-mail address filters what it deems to be spam mail, you should also be wary of websites that send too much unnecessary content. If so, find another blog site.


  • Is the site reliable?

    – You would want your content to be in league with other content that most people deem as reliable and many people visit. And this is not only limited to large websites. Find blog sites that are just starting to gain popularity. This is a testament that many people find its content as helpful. Become a leech in these up and coming websites – you may look like a nuisance, but you can prove to them that you have a purpose.




 9 Simple Strategies of Guestblog Pitching as a Mutant Human


Now you have successfully found a prospect. But getting a “Yes” is not easy, especially if you’re bashing/blabbering your way in as a mindless mutant. But knowing when and how to properly pitch can make or break your guest blogging efforts. The method is just as important as the timing. And in order to make the blog owner give you that approval, here are some strategies we’ve come up.


  • Read and understand the content written on the blog owner’s website before providing comments and suggesting an idea for your guest blog pitch

    – the first way to the blog owner’s heart is through his blog post. You need to have a good grasp of his blog’s content before giving a comment. Reading will also save you from the trouble of repeating an idea that was already mentioned on their content and avoid writing it in your comment. After all, a badly-written and redundant comment and content is like “stepping on the foot of your dancing partner”.


  • Know when and how to make the pitchguest blogging meme 2

    – if you want to ask your romantic partner to marry you, you need to know how to ask the question properly and when to ask it (else, risk rejection after you practiced kneeling to give her the ring). This is similar to sending a guest blogging pitch. Although you started to provide informative comments to the blog site of your choice, you would not want to “jump right away” to your purpose.

Being too eager to ask the question when the blog site owner is not yet ready or he does not see you yet as a valuable contributor can result in an early termination of your relationship. This will literally waste your previous effort to establish rapport with them, as your comments will only be posted in their page without getting a link back to your website.

You also want to do it properly – after all, presentation counts in almost everything that we do. You can never expect other people to taste your dish if it looks rotten or inedible.


  • Provide the necessary information regarding yourself

    – the blog owner may know you as a “concerned netizen” because of your helpful comments, this is not enough for them to give you the nod. Therefore, when you deem that it is the right time for you to pitch, make sure that you give them everything that they need to know about you. Some of these information includes your blog statistics (such as how many people are subscribed to your blog, lead to customer ratio, or how many visits do you get in a week/month), your credentials (such as work experience or academic qualifications), or even some of the interests or similarities that you share with the blog owner. All of these are done so that your “employer” will see that you can provide quality content if ever they will choose you to write for them. You will also make yourself irresistible by being likeable (since you are “just” like the blog site owner).


  • Be straightforward

    – guest blogging is also a business. Therefore, make sure that you go straight to the point when making your guest blogging pitch. Keep it short and truthful, avoiding too much decoration even when presenting your credentials. Blog owners don’t have the time to read your fluff. Your e-mail is sure to “get canned” if you send them this unimportant information.

When sending your e-mail pitch, you should also move away from committing the errors presented in this picture:

guest blogging - what to avoid

  • Prepare a sample of your guest blog post

    – some guest bloggers, even before they get the approval, start writing their post. This can be attached along with the e-mail to give the site owner a clearer idea as to the approach that you will use in your post. This can also save you the time in explaining what you will be discussing, as they’re seeing the actual content. It’s like letting your loved one get a taste test of how good (or horrible) is the dish that you’re cooking for the first time.


  • If you’ll be writing for multiple blog sites, make sure that you have different and specific pitches for all of them

    – submitting a guest post in one website implies that its content will be theirs. Therefore, you need to stay away from submitting a “general” template pitch that you can use and submit to several prospects. Submitting such content may be deemed to be useless and may even stain your image as a reliable source. Make them feel that they are your favorite student (and they’re the only ones who receive special attention from you).


  • Always proofread your work before submittingocd-otter-meme-generator-essay-done-time-to-proof-read-17-times-cd28d1

    – even if you already submitted a sample post to your pitch e-mail, you need to sand the rough edges in your work before submitting it. An original, grammatically correct, and enticing content is what the blog owner expects from you – and you need to deliver your best work to impress them and your visitors.

Remember that in guest blogging, you only crash alone if you submit a horrible guest blog. This is on top of the probability that you won’t hear from the blog owner again for the rest of your life if you submit a rough work.


  • Promote your guest post

    – As a guest blogger, your work is not finished even if you’ve submitted your guest post. It is also part of your job to promote your post in your own website or network. Driving traffic to the website where your content was posted will not only help that site; it will also increase your credibility in that particular field. Guest blogging, therefore, can be compared to being interviewed in Ellen or Oprah to share your knowledge with the viewers.

The reward? Increased traffic to your website (since you get a link in the blog owner’s website), as well as being a credible source of information in your niche. So don’t be afraid to put your face in other people’s “network doors” and give fliers to promote your post. Let them know that your blog exists – literally, and not just in your fantasy.



Paul AgabinPaul’s Final Words:


It may seem impossible, but there are a few people who made a living out of guest blogging and used their expertise of such in order to help other businesses who are struggling with promoting their blog sites over the Web.

Rebekah on building a foundation first

Rebekah Radice, although not an engineer, does know the importance of foundations – even in guest blogging. According to her, you should work on your own blog first before you attempt to request for a guest post. Aside from your blog site being used as a training ground, it can also provide you with a good foundation about writing and is important in establishing your place in the niche. Hence, you need to first prove to your own readers that you can provide quality content on your own website first before posting on another blogger’s site. By doing so, the host itself will be convinced that you know what you’re talking about. This also builds mutual respect.

Andrew on the success of guest bloggingAndrew_Youderian

Andrew Youderian is another blogger who testifies that guest blogging can do wonders in improving traffic to your website.

Andrew started with submitting helpful comments and posting useful links on Although he made the mistake of “pulling the trigger early” (you really wouldn’t want to mess with the host, or else they’ll flush you out from their system like a parasite), he was able to rebuild the relationship before he asked the blog owner if he can submit a guest post. After three guest blogs from Andrew to, his website gained additional number of visits as well as gained the longest number of visit duration among other sources. This only shows that guest blogging can be a successful tool if you want to increase your marketing potential.


Guest blogging in the Philippines – along with being another strategy to market your blog page or business, is yet another method that can be used to prove that greater things can be accomplished when they are done together. There are things that you cannot hope to accomplish on your own. But with the help of another individual, anything that you think is difficult to accomplish on your own becomes easier.

The numbers about the benefits of guest blogging is already speaking for themselves. So if you want to increase your blog site’s visitors and etch your name in your niche, then make a move now. Consider writing content for another website. Guest blogging might make things happen for your own website.

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