The Art of Epic Brand Storytelling in the Philippines


Brand storytelling is perhaps one of the most potent branding tools in your marketing arsenal. Using stories to convey a brand message is really not a new thing. Advertising companies in the Philippines have been peddling stories to promote brands for as long as anyone can remember.

brand storytelling 2Stories have the awesome power to persuade and motivate people as well as provide them with a psychological script on how to go about buying a car or other specific certain situations. The best part is if you have a good story it will stick on people’s minds for a long time – Like how your herb product killed zombies, or how your spa service rejuvenate grumpy mothers! Good stories are sticky and people will always remember them.

What you tell or show people now they will almost always forget tomorrow but tell them a good story with a good plot that they can personally relate to and they will most certainly remember it for a long while.  If you show a group of people some facts or statistics only 5% to 10% of them will be able to retain it. If you include the statistics in a story, 25% to 30% will be able to retain it. If you simply tell a story, 65% to 70% of them will be able to retain it. The best part is if they know something about the storyteller the number goes up to 85%.

You may not realize it but stories have been very much a part of your day to day existence. Your mind (like everybody else’s) has been programmed to think in story terms. Haven’t you noticed that you tend to always look for the underlying story behind everything and anything you encounter? This is because your mind has been conditioned to rely on the underlying story to filter the information at hand before you make the most appropriate decision.


What is Branding and why Storytelling should be an Essential Part of it?

As mentioned earlier, Brand Storytelling is a branding tool. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipino entrepreneurs have a wrong notion about brands and the concept of branding. Before we move on to list the benefits of Brand Storytelling and outline the steps involved with creating the storyline, we need to understand and appreciate the real meaning of brand and branding.

Contrary to what you are probably thinking, a brand is not just the name, the logo, or the image you use to represent your company or product. The name, logo or image is only there to EPSON scanner imageaid consumers develop instant recall. But the word brand is more than that because it encompasses how people feel about you, your company and your products. Brand is the image which people develop in their minds resulting from their interactions and encounters with you and your products. It is not something that pops out from thin air. Rather, it is their impression about your brand created in their minds after such engagements with you and your business. It is the resulting emotional and psychological connections they associate your brand with. In a nutshell, your brand is not what you profess it is, rather it is what people say it is.

Likewise, branding is no longer about ramming your company’s name, your logo, or any image representing your brand into the consciousness of consumers hoping that it will remain in their subconscious forever for instant recall in the future. It is not about creating an image that will differentiate your company and make it stand out from the rest of your competitors. Neither is it about declaring to the world your company’s vision and mission statement.

Branding is about developing positive emotional and psychological connections between your brand and the consumers’ minds. It is about creating opportunities for consumer engagements and interactions where you’d be able to conjure your company values and brand promise with them. It is about shaping how people interpret your brand by living up to your promise every single day. It is about leaving a lasting mark in the hearts and minds of the consumers.


Branding is Brand Storytelling

In today’s digital age where social media have so empowered the consumers in a way that they  now heavily contribute to the seemingly never ending process of defining and re-defining your brand, there is a need for you to keep and maintain your core identity intact in spite of  the endless reinterpretation of your brand. The best way to do this is to develop and enhance your reputation and your relationship with the consumers.

And there is no better way to nurture relationships and enhance your reputation with consumers than by sharing with them stories that will emotionally immerse them into the center of your core values. Turning your brand into a story based brand and making your story their story is the logical path to take.

Brand storytelling will inject emotion and meaning to your brand message personalizing it in the process. If your brand story is compelling enough you’d be able to make a breakthrough and engage the consumers and ultimately gain their loyalty. In the end, they turn into your brand ambassadors who will share your story and their brand experience with their friends and peers.

Here are some tips which can help you craft your brand story.

  1. Put your audience in the center of your story. Make it appear as if it is their own by ensuring that they will see their own dreams, hopes, and dreams in the story you are you need to tell your storycreating. In short make your story relevant to your audience. This way, you’d be able to cement and deepen their emotional and psychological association to your brand.
  2. Make sure your story is interesting, creative, and compelling. It doesn’t need to have anything new to be learned as long as the story line concurs with whatever belief your audience already has. You will be making them feel smart and confident in the process since this is a confirmation that they were right all along.
  3.  Be truthful. Whatever story you are crafting it must be grounded on the realities of your brand and products. Your audience will know if you are conning them and they will likely leave you in a huff. You can be creative but you should never veer too far away from your brand promise.
  4. Make your story more interesting by infusing characters into it. Create characters or personas that your audience can identify themselves with. Make sure the character will be well loved and receive.
  5. Use perpetual marketing – by dividing your story into a series of mini-stories your audience can follow. Don’t give your story in one go instead leave your audience looking for more.


Paul’s Last Words: About Brand Storytelling

Your brand story is simply a narrative that is told from the brand’s point of view. It is meant to personify your brand and make it relevant to consumers. The goal is not only to be able to inform consumers about your brand’s values but to inspire and engage the consumers emotionally so that they will keep coming back for more. Share your brand’s story and keep them engaged – Turn them into brand ambasaddors! =)

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