The Filipino Content Marketer’s Guide to Quora


quora memeQuora is one of the go-to places when it comes to questions needing specific answer. Whether you need an advice how to handle your blabbering wife or if you have problems with your Askal chewing your sofa.

Think Yahoo Answers! but in a bigger scale with the community helping each other edit questions and find the correct answers. The community makes it possible for people to ask highly specific questions that might not be easy to find online.


Quora Background

Quora was started in June 2009 and ranks at the 817th place by Alexa. Needless to say, this is one of those websites that is really popular. But then, what do you expect from a domain launched by a former Facebook employee?

The key people who started Quora are Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, both former employees of the leading social media website. It is currently being visited by more than 1.5 million people in the world, making it a highly successful enterprise. For most people, Quora is an excellent go-to should they find themselves needing an answer. For businesses however, Quora presents an opportunity for marketing that might not be immediately seen.


Benefits of Marketing in Quora

So what exactly is that marketing opportunity lurking in the Quora website? Here are some of advantages of using this platform that you might be surprised to read about.

  • With more than 1 million users, Quora is a ripe place to find your target market. Although a large percentage of those numbers are outside the Philippines, a significant amount of Filipinos are also using this service to gain answers.
  • Quora already ranks highly when it comes to SEO. With relevant keywords, most of the questions and answers here pop up within the first few pages of the search result.
  • Essentially, Quora is a question and answer system. Members are required to register with their real names in order to post answers and questions.
  • Quora can be integrated with other social media accounts. Hence, you’d be able to make updates simultaneously, cutting back the working time on your promotions.
  • With millions of questions covering all types of industry, businesses will always find a niche that responds to them. With this, you can start flexing your authority over the topic and establish yourself as an expert.
  • It’s possible for account holders share website content through their profile.
  • You can build rapport between client and business by answering questions directly related to your business or industry.
  • It serves as an excellent ground for researching about competitors.


Tips on How to Use Quora for Filipino Content Marketers

Quora comes with several features that make it very user-friendly. If you’re thinking about using it for marketing however, then you should be glad to know that these features also work in your favour. If you know exactly how to make good use of Quora, this question and answer website will reward you for it. Here are some tips on how to make Quora a marketing haven for your Philippine business!


  • Start Linking – as already mentioned, Quora makes it possible to link your account with other social media accounts. Make good use of this feature in order to follow people through the different accounts. Chances are you also have a Twitter and a Facebook page wherein these same people can be linked with. Basically, it’s like swapping followers through different platforms.


  • Use Keywords– SEO is still an important aspect of this question and answer website so make sure to use popular keywords when answering queries. It’s also important to note that Google is starting to integrate reputation as part of the factors when calculating page ranking. A good standing in Quora can help the business accumulate excellent reputation among peers and clients.


  • Ask and Answer – most businesses are of the misconception that answering questions is the only way to get marketing action from Quora. However, any questions you ask are equally valuable – as long as you know exactly how to handle the situation. Know what questions can help drive your business and concentrate on that.


  • Build your Presence – much like with social media websites, the way to succeed in Quora is to make yourself stand out. You can do this by establishing yourself as an expert in the specific field. Make sure to supply accurate and well-explained answers for questions and you can bet people will start to notice. As for self-promotion, there’s actually a debate on this. The consensus is that it’s OK to promote yourself, but don’t do so blatantly. Include a link in your answers only if they’re RELEVANT to the situation. Otherwise, the Quora team will drag you down the lowest list. Also note that there’s a voting system in Quora so always be mindful of your answers.


  • Don’t Forget your Profile – so you’ve finally built a good reputation and Filipinos are starting to follow links and visit your profile. However, what will they find there? Your Quora profile is the only place where you can promote as much as you want to make good use of it. Fill in the blanks and let visitors know more about you and why you’re qualified to answer industry-related questions.


  • Connect with People – there’s always the off chance that related businesses are in Quora promoting their own products. If you feel as though this business complements your own, it might be a good idea to initiate conversations and forge contacts. Don’t be too overt though – message accounts only after your paths have crossed through several questions and answers.


  • Tracking – don’t forget the most important part of marketing: tracking your progress. You can try using Google Alerts for this wherein Google will send you emails whenever your company is mentioned in the website. This is a good way to find out exactly what people are saying, what questions are being asked and what answers are getting the most votes. This should help you gather enough data to make decisions, evaluate your strategy and create better tactics for Quora marketing.



Paul’s Last Words:

Quora is just one of the many websites today that can be used for internet marketing purposes. Keep in mind that with Filipinos being all over the place, it’s crucial to cover all bases in order to catch the market you want. Make sure to be part of this growing community today and you’ll be thanking your initiative in the future!


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