The Rise of the Guest-Posting Superhero in the Philippines


guest posting philippinesHave you ever wanted to have super powers? Did you ever dream to be a superhero?

Truth be told, that dream of yours is very much achievable in content marketing. With enough perseverance (not that much actually), you can become a guest-posting superhero. While you wouldn’t suddenly develop the ability to unleash eye beams on your rivals in the Philippines, you’d surely get many “oohs” and “aahs” due to your unbelievable influence-marketing prowess.


The Super Perks are Here

If you haven’t thought that much about your guest-posting abilities, then you’d barely be interested in what you’ve just read. Well, since you’re a marketer, you shouldn’t forget about one important thing – popular blogs could bring you success. Simply put, if you manage to have one of your guest posts published on a well-known online destination, you’d get these in return:

  • Incredible Exposure – getting more readers is one of the most obvious perks of successfully having your post published. As you’ve found out firsthand, many of those who visit your website directly end up leaving without doing anything that’s good for you. On the other hand, people who’d arrive on your site from their favorite blogs won’t think twice before posting comments of their own and even joining your mailing list. In a way, you’d be able to bypass the need to gain their trust.
  • Search-Engine Boost – here’s another must-know benefit of having guest posts published on those popular blogs and it involves your website’s search-engine visibility. Google is a bit biased when it comes to choosing the sites that get on its front page. Those with the most number of links that come from trustworthy, high-traffic sites are given the best spots. So, getting do-follow backlinks from frequently-visited blogs is a surefire way of giving your site a rank boost.
  • The Networking Starsit’s safe to say that many bloggers achieved fame due to the sheer number of connections that they have. Now, you might wonder what’s the best way to get more contacts in the world of web publishing. Once again, you’ll find the answer in guest posting. By having an article posted in a reputable blog, you’d grab the attention of countless bloggers. Soon enough, you’d be invited to write for other sites instead of waiting for your requests to be approved.


About a Superhero’s Roots

After learning of those perks, you’ve finally decided that you want to be a guest-posting superhero so that you’d fly over and save Filipino newbies from the bad guys. However, one question remains in your mind: What do you have to do to become one? Should you expose yourself to radiation? Do you need to find Odin and tell him that he’s your dad? Actually, gaining super powers is easy – you only have to embody these very important qualities:

  • Desire – you need to show that you’d really want to see your article published. So, how to you do that? It’s simple. Instead of focusing too much on the need to be humble and thankful when you’re in the pitching process, you have make two things absolutely clear – you loved the post that you’ve seen and the blogger would love your work. Once you get the response that you’re waiting for, you’d then have to show your gratitude (finally).
  • Strength – you need to keep in mind that sometimes ten tries aren’t enough. If your guest-post requests are being turned down one after another, you shouldn’t give up. Well, you shouldn’t merely engage in even more pitching attempts either. What you need to do if ever that happens is to hone your writing skills. After all, the very best bloggers tend to be perfectionists when it comes to grammar and they have certain preferences in terms of style.
  • Honor – if you’ve been reading all sorts of Filipino blogs, you’d notice that there’s an abundance of copy-pasted content. While ripping-off content might work when you’re trying to fatten your own website (still bad though), you really shouldn’t do that if you’re trying to convince a pro-level blogger to publish your article. If you do make that mistake, then rest assured that you won’t get the kind of reply that you want to see.
  • Foresight – if you’re trying to make an impact in the world of guest posting, then you need to remember that trends matters. That simply means is that you need to have a gift of catching up to the latest (And probably future) topics of your industry. Breaking the news can be a big flood gate for your website if done right.
  • Intelligenceguest posters are like researchers. After all, they need to notice all sorts of things in order to succeed. To be a bit more specific, if you want to achieve success in your guest-posting attempts, then you really have to understand how your target blogging site works. Take note of the usual perspective of those who publish their write-ups on it and try to emulate that stance on the articles that you’d send for approval.


Paul’s Last Words: Incredible, Spectacular Hero

At this point, you finally know what you need to do to become a guest-posting superhero. So, you should now think about another question: do you really want to become one?

Your fate as an internet marketer depends on your answer to that. After all, showing even the slightest signs of uncertainty is the same as saying that you don’t have what it takes. If you really want to be a superhero and thus accomplish your wildest marketing dreams, then you should shout this out – there’s no doubt that [Your name here] is going to be the incredible, spectacular, and amazing super guest blogger!

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