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While surfing the web, have you ever looked at a picture of something that looks very tasty? If you have, then you probably know that images could be hypnotizing. After all, not only did you crave for a bite, but you also drooled all over your keyboard.

visual marketing memeFortunately, you merely bought it for less than 200 pesos. Well, your computer’s input device didn’t “die” in vain, since it taught you a valuable lesson: pictures are powerful. If you’d like to take your Philippine business to the next level using visuals however, you’ll have to read on.


“Must-See” Benefits

What did you say? Don’t you have plans to master the art of visual content marketing? Why did you continue reading then? If you aren’t convinced that learning about the power of pictures is worth your time, then just think about these perks:

  • On Human Tendencies – when consumers try to broaden their knowledge, they don’t merely search for interesting write-ups. Their minds crave for images. This visual marketing philippines 1isn’t an assumption, since many scientific experts are confident that people process visually-stimulating details at a very efficient pace – much more than when they’re solely given blocks of text. Simply put, by presenting meaningful pictures, you’d end up helping Filipino netizens achieve their intellectual goals faster and they’ll associate your website with satisfaction.
  • Improvement in Sales – such satisfied learners would eventually become your loyal clients, since they’ll gradually associate everything in your website with credibility and reliability. This means that images also boost profits. You’d be surprised to find out however, that there’s another reason why visual content has become an ingredient for success. Specifically, many Filipinos seem to have an itch to share anything fascinating that they’ve stumbled upon online: a habit that leads to greater exposure and more sales.
  • Enhancing Engagement – sharing isn’t the only netizen tendency that you’d have to pay attention to. You also have to take note of engagement, which essentially refers to the amount of interaction that you manage to generate with anything that you put into the web. Well, you’d be pleased to know that posts bundled with attention-grabbing visuals garner twice the number of responses as their text-only counterparts. Of course, getting more comments is the same as having more people thinking about your brand.


7 Temptation Methods

As you’ve discovered so far, adding images to your content-marketing pursuits brings advantages in terms of intellectual satisfaction, sales volume, and engagement generation. Now that you’re convinced that there’s a need to “tempt” the eyes of consumers, you’re ready to learn these techniques:

  • Power of Infographics – if most of the articles that you churn out are about complex topics, then it’s safe to say that you’d benefit from coming up with several infographics of your own. Given that such modern-day visual aids make complicated matters very “digestible”, it’s no wonder that even the biggest corporations have blogs filled with infographics. It’s true though, that you’d have to be good at summarizing stuff and using image-editing applications to succeed in creating your own infographics.
visual marketing philippines 2

Why read articles if learning from art is an option?

  • Comic-Strip Strategies – if you’ve already posted a few infographics and you’re getting praised for your artistic prowess, then you’re probably capable of producing a comic strip. While making it funny is most certainly a plus, you really don’t have to exert much effort on the entertainment aspect. Making the entire cartoon panel as informative as possible on the other hand, is a must-do. After all, that’s the main point of content marketing and you shouldn’t forget about it no matter how effective visuals are.
  • A Mere Note’s Prowess – even if you don’t have the necessary skills to create impressive art, you could still pique people’s interests. All you have to do is to pick up several, different-colored markers and try to “write” a summary (minimal texts, lots of crude drawings) about a frequently-discussed topic on a whiteboard. Once you’re done, just take a picture of the visual outline that you’ve created and upload the resulting image to your company’s blog or share it through any social-media network.
  • The Meme Phenomenon – creating memes is another excellent way of making your own visual-content-marketing tools without worrying too much about artistic limitations. In fact, given the sheer number of meme generators online, you wouldn’t even have to open a photo-editing program. The challenge in making memes however, lies in familiarity. If you’re not familiar with such quick-spreading visual concepts, then it’d be best to learn about them. Using Bad Luck Brian in the wrong way for example, would surely be humiliating.
  • Discovering SlideShare – have you ever tried making a PowerPoint presentation? If you haven’t, then it’s about time that you do. By preparing a slideshow that’s filled with all kinds of interesting photos that are accompanied by brief, high-impact descriptions, you’d end up having a top-notch attention grabber. You’d have to remember though, that uploading a PowerPoint file directly to your website is not a smart move (most Filipinos have virus paranoia). You’ll have to embed the PPT file on your site using SlideShare.
  • An Interest in Pinterest – since you wish to become a visual-content-marketing expert, you’d have to learn about the most popular image-sharing website. Specifically, it’s vital for you to take advantage of Pinterest’s brand-awareness-raising prowess. Just like the largest automobile manufacturers, you only have to exert effort in filling up a gallery with images that relate to your company. As you might have guessed, it’d be alright to feature photos that serve as symbols of what your firm stands for.
  • Do Not Forget the Clips – while most of the content-marketing strategies discussed so far mainly involve images, you shouldn’t forget about videos. Coming up with clips that could make Filipinos much more aware of your brand without involving selling attempts might seem difficult, but it actually isn’t. You just need to create PowerPoint-like video tutorials that matter to your target market. If you’re worried about the need to invest in clip-creation software, you’d be happy to know that most PCs have Movie Maker preinstalled.


Paul’s Last Words: Hurry! Be Visua-mazing!

Now that you’re aware of just how powerful visuals are, you shouldn’t wait until next week to make your own eye-enticing sales boosters. Simply put, the earlier you act, the faster you’d enjoy amazing results, and the sooner you’d be able to say – without a shadow of a doubt – that you’ve taken your business to the next level.

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