Ben Francia’s “Secret Sauce” Recipe for Successful Internet Marketing

The internet has proven to be a great source of income for many people today. While you check out Google for such strategies, you can also check Ben Francia’s workshop this month.

A lot of people take the hit-or-miss route in putting up their online businesses.  But, there are proven techniques that internet marketers have tried and tested over the years.  As you are aspiring to achieve financial success online, learning more about these techniques – it’s getting quite tedious trying to learn the ropes all by yourself.  Just like in cooking, you wondered if there is some secret recipe to make your internet marketing business delicious and appetizing to your potential customers.  And there is…


This month, internet marketing expert Ben Francia will hold a 3-hour workshop to share his “Secret Sauce” on effectively achieving online business success.  Ben is an internet business and outsourcing consultant who has been in the business for over a decade.  His blog contains loads of information and resources that those who are just now starting to do business online can learn from.  In his blog, Ben even walks his readers through the steps in registering their domain names right down through creating a custom email with their own business domain name.  That’s where you can discover that there’s a better domain name registry than what you have been using.  Some marketers have made the switch and following Ben’s tips was like pressing the reset button to undo the mistakes that they have committed in the past. You can be confident that you’re on the right track in your online business.


Everybody knows that having a domain name is not enough.  Your online presence should be supported by marketing activities that serve to promote your business and draw your target customers and clients to your business.  Part of Ben’s expertise is teaching internet marketers on how to strategically attract customers and clients.   There is a video series in his website that focuses on the “7 Strategies in Getting Customers and Clients Online.” It’s interesting how Ben presented the process of successfully turning strangers into friends and eventually into customers.  Convincing your customers to do business with you is much easier when you have already established a relationship with them.


Another helpful lesson that internet marketers can learn from Ben is about using the various online social networking websites to complement their business websites – yes, Facebook and Twitter are more than just for personal chatting and sharing.  It is actually in these sites were you can engage your target customers on a more personal level.  Hopefully enough to turn you into an online influencer whose insights your customers seek in their online purchase decisions.  If you need some help in the various aspects of your online business, this internet marketing guru can also you resources that you can tap into.


These are just snippets of what budding internet marketers can learn in the compact 3-hour workshop dubbed “The Secret to Getting Customers and Clients Online.”  I really think that it would be sad to pass up this opportunity to learn how to do things more effectively and start gaining online profits in a more sustainable manner.  This workshop is calendared on October 20, 2012, from 9am to 12nn, at the 6th floor of the OCCI Building along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas City.  You can register at  Registration fee is P1,000 per head.  Slots are limited to 50 participants.

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