CDM Bootcamp: Social Media Madness – May 31, 2013

In a generation where social media is as common as the air we breathe, it isn’t surprising that many marketers are seeing the potential in this sector. As a marketing medium, it offers some of the best cost-benefits for businessmen, boosting their ability to generate new leads, target new people and get better sales.

social media madnessIn line with this, the Social Media Madness event is specifically set up to help business owners squeeze more out of this new trend. The workshop is set to talk about the relevance of websites like Facebook and Twitter in the Philippine setting and their contribution to business success.


When and where will it be held?

The event is set up for May 31 this year at the AIM Conference Center. It will start at 8AM and end at 6:30PM.


What will be taught here?

Social Media Madness will discuss anything and everything connected with marketing within the social media setting. They’d start off with the most popular site today – Facebook. Discussions will include managing an FB page and how to use different applications to boost the company’s brand.

The speakers will also tackle Twitter which is basically a micro blog. Concerns will include the tracking and analytics of social media and how business owners can use data to improve their current position in the market.

It’s interesting to note that the talk is specially centered towards the Philippine market. Guest speakers will be expounding on the different facets of social media and how to best create goals for the PH setting. These goals should make it easier for a business to establish their brand, even in a fully saturated market as the Philippines.

Of course, Twitter and FB aren’t the only social media platforms today although they’re undoubtedly the top. Social Media Madness will also be touching other platforms such as Tumblr, pinterest, instagram and more.

After the bootcamp, participants should have a better idea of what depth of social media impact, how to put it to good use and the tools needed to make it work.


Who are the speakers?

Social Media Madness managed to invite some of the top people in the industry today. You should look forward to:

  • Donald Lim, Chief Innovation Officer of the McCann WorldGroup
  • Rosario Juan, Social Media Director of Movent
  • Carlo Ople, Managing Partner, DM9 Digit


Some of the topics they’d touch during the bootcamp will include the following:


  • What’s Not to Like?
  • Let Your Voice be Heard
  • The Numbers Game
  • Follow Me Maybe?
  • Wait…There’s More!
  • Social Philippines Globally Leading the Way


Who should go?

Anyone interested can register and be part of the Social Media Madness bootcamp. Specifically, internet marketers and business owners should find the discussions in the event essential in boosting their online presence. The bootcamp should be an excellent place to get brand new information about online marketing and how social media can influence company growth through proper use.


Anyone who is interested can register online for this event.

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