Digital Entrepreneur Mastermind Club (DigiEntrep) Free Workshop on March 16, 2013

Learn how to use the power of the collective mind to achieve success in any business venture online. Digital Entrepreneur Mastermind Club (DigiEntrep) is offering a FREE workshop on March 16, 2013 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at the 3rd Floor Seminar Hall of the Philippine Red Cross, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City.


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This two-hour workshop will provide a glimpse on what happens inside every Mastermind Meeting. The group’s main aim is to achieve a common goal towards digital success in any online business. Learn the techniques from seasoned entrepreneurs and from digital online gurus. Register at the website to reserve a seat to the FREE Mastermind Workshop.

What is a Mastermind group and how can they help achieve business goals?

The term ‘Mastermind group’ was conceptualized by author Napoleon Hill. He wrote the bestselling book “Think and Grow Rich”, a mental-exercise book that teaches and empowers an individual or an entire group to achieve certain goals together. The term ‘Mastermind group’ is actually referring to a group of individuals with the same interest or in the same niche, working together to achieve a similar goal. This group of individuals is committed to helping each other succeed by bringing resources, connections, brainstorming, and providing insights and fresh perspectives.

What to expect in the Mastermind workshop

The 2-hour workshop on March 16 will provide an overview of what the Mastermind Group is all about. Attendees will learn its history and understand the basic principles that the individual members of the Mastermind Group adhere to. The workshop will provide a framework and simulation of what goes on in every Mastermind Meeting. Get to join seasoned and new entrepreneurs as they show how they collaborate to achieve a single goal towards online business success.

What is the Digital Entrepreneur Mastermind Club?

The Digital Entrepreneur Mastermind Club or DigiEntrep is a group of entrepreneurs from various industries with a main collective goal to increase the economic level of the Philippines. To achieve this, the aim is to empower around 1,000 Filipino Digital Entrepreneurs who can share their vision. They plan to achieve this by the year 2018.

Being a member of the group has major advantages. The members act as a support group towards online success. Every member help each other by sharing ideas, feedbacks, inputs, connections, and resources that otherwise would be difficult to acquire alone. Every member serves as a valuable resource and connection because they come from diverse industries. Members also have a special access to an online library of Digital marketing Resources, webinars and online sessions. They get special discounts on workshops, trainings, planning sessions and consultancy. To become a member, one should be able to get an invitation and attend an orientation. Next process would be paper works and a final interview with the Chairman of the DigiEntrep group.

DigiEntrep is a part of the Francia Internet Marketing Training and Consultancy Group spearheaded by Ben Francia. He is an Internet Marketing and Outsourcing Consultant who assists people who aim to achieve success online.


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