[Event] CDM and DF’s Digital Marketing Events/Courses this August

If you’re looking for trainings, seminars/mini-courses this August, you can check out CDM Boost’s and Digital Filipino events below


cdm boost philippinesThe Certified Digital Marketer or CDM is a professional certification program. It caters to marketers and businessmen alike who is always on-the-go. Designed for professionals, CDM courses tackle subject matter based on a technical and managerial perspective. This August, the CDM Program by the International Institute of Digital Marketing has the following courses lined up.


Effective E-mail Marketing

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of using email marketing based on permission. Through this course, you will learn about the best ways to develop, implement and test campaigns. It provides insight of the best practices in email marketing at a global standpoint.

Among the course objectives include establishing an understanding of the basic terminologies, tools and techniques in email marketing. It is also focused on determining proper integration of email marketing into the mix. Finally, this course aims to help create an email marketing plan that is not only doable but also complies with global practices. That is with permission and with respect to privacy. The course is scheduled on August 7 to 21, 2013.


Analytics 102

Analytics is crucial for data gathering. In this course, students will learn about extraction and analysis of validated data. It also aims to teach performance monitoring as well as forecasting. Students will be exposed to the usage of analytical tools.

With these tools, they are expected to identify and interpret trends, distributions, patterns an probabilities which may translate to insights that are actionable. Such can ultimately result to an effective digital marketing strategy. The course is scheduled on August 8 to 30, 2013.


Mobile: Marketing on the Go

With over 68 million Filipino mobile users, mobile marketing is a necessary addition into the marketing mix for business success. This course on mobile marketing aims to set a basic framework and establish a common language for the usage of mobile marketing.

Students will be exposed to various case studies and are expected to analyze a series of mobile marketing executions. This course aims to enable students with the implementation of mobile marketing strategies with respect to brand campaigns. The mobile marketing course shall run from August 27 to September 24, 2013.



The shift to eCommerce is inevitable. And through this course, students learn the key concepts as well as general industry information. It aims to help students understand the ins and outs of eCommerce and what makes it work. Case studies are also presented throughout the course to analyze executions from selected brands. Students are taught about engaging customers, utilizing e-commerce toolbox and building the right channel mix consisting of email, website, social media and mobile along with successful message integration. Course is scheduled from August 28 to September 11.


Digital Marketing Plan

This course is scheduled from August 29 to September 12. And it aims to strengthen the digital marketing industry in the Philippines by shaping young individuals and professionals proper mindset and empowering them with a deep understanding of the field along with the necessary skills to succeed and positively contribute in the shaping of the digital marketing industry in the country.





Digital Filipino Events August, 2013

digital filipino philippinesDigital Filipino was built by Janette Toral on September 1999 for the purpose of promoting her body of work concerning ecommerce, blogging, online research and internet history in the Philippines. Today, it has come a long way. It is now one of the most recognized sources of matters concerning digital marketing in all its aspects. Digital Filipino with founder Janette Toral continues to spread their wealth of knowledge about the industry.

Digital Filipino pushes for the maximization of digital tools. In this effort, Janetter Toral and her team has a strong lineup of events covering various topics on digital marketing. This August 2013, Digital Filipino is set to embark on a tour to various parts of the Philippines with the following scheduled events.


Digital Influencer Boot Camp Baguio

Online success is not just about knowledge and application of the various techniques in digital marketing for the promotion of products and services. It is also about building influence. The Digital Influencer Boot Camp Baguio can teach you how to create an online identity and successfully move to a much coveted status of influencer. As a digital influencer, you can build an entire community of advocates which shall bring you tons of success.

Aiming to empower practitioners in various fields, the Digital Influencer Boot Camp Baguio encourages the attendance of practitioners aspiring to become brand advocates and influencers. In this boot camp, Janette Toral shares her valuable insights about creating online presence and establishing an understanding of the policies surrounding the practice of digital marketing. She also covers Search Engine Marketing as well Email and Newsletter Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing.

The Digital Influencer Boot Camp Baguio is scheduled on August 3 to be held at the Cordillera School of Digital Arts.


E-Commerce Entrepreneur Program

This is an online course that will run from August 19 to March 3, 2014. It is designed as a mentorship program aiming to push for the further growth of ecommerce in the Philippines through Filipino entrepreneurs. The program combines e-learning access with a series of consultations through webinars and hands-on activities.


Search Influencer Boot Camp Cebu

Although you may be receiving a decent traffic to your website, such may still be incomparable or rather insignificant compared to the massive potential the online community has to offer. This is why an effective strategy for search engine marketing is necessary. It could be the key to launch business success.

This event is meant to educate attendees not only about the best practices in search engine marketing. This program actually aims to teach you how to turn from just an active participant to influencer. The Search Influencer Boot Camp is coming to Diamond Suites and Residences Cebu on August 29.


Digital Marketing & E-Commerce for the Tourism Industry Boot Camp Bohol

Scheduled on August 30 at the Auza.Net Conference Room in KofC Recreation Center, the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce for the Tourism Industry is aimed at entrepreneurs as well as sales and marketing professionals in this field who want to take advantage of digital marketing and ecommerce.



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