[Event] Cebuanas on the Web Summit: August 22, 2013


Cebuanas On The Web 2013: Empowering Women To Become Trailblazers In Business

Cebuanas on the Web 2013 is a technology summit organized for women in Cebu that will be held in the Oakridge Pavilion, 880 A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City on August 22 in the hopes of promoting women empowerment particularly in business.

Cebu Google Businescebuanas on the web summit 2013s Group (GBG), an independent technology community, facilitated COTW to help Cebuanas build formal networks for their businesses and to provide the latest information on business-related tools and technology. The COTW would be a day-long event (8 am to 6 pm) that hopes to gather more than a hundred women based in Cebu and enable them to learn how to optimize current technologies, particularly the internet, to achieve business success. Women from various sectors are invited, as it is the GBG’s goal to become a lasting and vibrant community where every woman has a chance to grow. The CBG believes that such could be achieved by ensuring diversity.

Event organizers cited a report published in February stating that the country ranked poorly (74th, to be exact) in terms of the economic opportunity index for women. This could be attributed to the Filipino culture and setting, where there are time constraints brought by family responsibilities as well as the lack of government programs offering social services that focus on women. It is apparent that Filipino women are under-represented in various corporations and that the business field is still overwhelmingly dominated by men. The organizers aim to alleviate this situation by offering modern solutions that could benefit Cebuanas.

The internet is by far the cheapest way of promoting brand awareness and visibility. This does not only apply to big businesses; in fact, small businesses could benefit as well, especially when geo targeting is used for marketing campaigns. With the right tools and know-how, the internet could be especially useful for local businesses. A businesswoman could also use free tools and resources to promote her business online. This includes video marketing, optimization for the local market and social marketing.

COTW organizers made it clear that while using the tools could help, success is not guaranteed. Traditional marketing methods and concepts still apply. Still, women have to adapt to the changing marketing landscape. The goal of the summit is to promote the integration of traditional and contemporary forms of marketing. The summit will feature talks from women who have achieved notable success in their companies using modern technology, particularly the internet, as a platform for business promotion.

As of writing, only 16 out of a hundred slots are left and it is expected that the turnout would be around a hundred and fifty women from various fields. Registration is easy. Just fill out the registration form at the official page. The following information is required: full name, contact information including phone number and email address, company name, web URL and occupation. Registration is open to new businesses as well as to those who have been in operation for some time now but are looking to learn more about how to use new technology to improve visibility, brand awareness and ultimately, firm performance. Confirmations will be sent.

This event that aims to bring feisty Cebuanas together in a summit that promotes inclusiveness and women empowerment is sure to be an enriching experience – in all the senses of the word.


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    Hey Travis,Thanks for your comment. It’s true that many companies are only focused on the bottom line. That’s why I make the point that it’s our retsinpibolisy to make sure that environmental factors become an integral part of that bottom line.

  2. I completely agree with this! Yesterday I sent an e-mail to a juice brand I buy sometimes telling them how much I enjoy their product – today they sent me an e-mail telling me they’ll be sending a free coupon my way!

  3. Great article. Thank you. I think it’s key that we all just remain open-minded to different possibilities for how to best live on this planet in balance and take it one meal at a time.

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