[Event] IMMAP Summit 2013: August 29-30, 2013


The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines offers yet another event in an effort to spread word about digital marketing. The 7th IMMAP Summit opens on August 29 carrying the theme, Digital Drive: Trending towards ROI. This two day event will be held at the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell Center in Makati City.

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Digital Drive: Trending Towards ROI

Today, the country has over 9 million internet users which s equivalent to about 9 percent of the population. Filipino mobile users go by more than 35 million or a little less than half of the total population. The numbers are staggering. And yet internet and mobile marketing are not yet widely accepted or utilized by advertisers and marketers.

As digital marketing is exploited in the United States, Europe and the rest of the world, the Philippine marketers fall way behind. Although traditional marketing involving television, radio and print present exposure to the large masses, they do not offer the same possibility of building close relationships with customers. The issue is not that marketers and advertisers in the country do not recognize the potentials and opportunities in digital marketing.

The resistance to change comes from the lack of understanding or expertise in the medium. The advertising and marketing industry in the Philippines cling on to traditional media as they are more familiar with it. And they know exactly how to measure return of investment.

There is no doubt that digital tools will be helpful. But most marketers are still clueless about the right way to integrate this new medium into their marketing mix and how they can effectively utilize it and make it measurable.


Facing the Challenge of the Digital Age

Internet and mobile marketing is not just another tool to boost brand awareness. It does not only open doors for a more personal approach to customers. It also has the power to potentially drive sales. But the challenge is metrics.

How do you exactly measure your brand’s performance driven by online marketing efforts? How do you formulate Key Performance Indicators to determine whether or not the utilization of tools such as Mobile Apps, SEO, Social Media, Banner Ads, Google Adwords and the like are producing results towards your goals? How do you reach ROI with these digital ways of marketing? How can you tell which internet and mobile tools are the right channels to invest on?

These are the major challenges of digital marketing. These same questions bring about uncertainties surrounding digital media. And such concerns and more will be addressed at the 7th IMMAP Summit.


7th IMMAP Summit on August 29-30

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines is gathering a group consisting of industry leaders and experts in the subject matter. This conference is in line with IMMAP’s mission to shape digital marketing and prepare industry players for the future. Join the 7th IMMAP Summit and gather valuable insights about ROI in the age of Digital Marketing. Learn how much change it can bring to your business.


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