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mobile festival smxTechnology is starting to play a huge role in our everyday lives. Not only does it provide all kinds of conveniences, but it is actually shaping how different aspects of modern civilization run.

One technology that has made such a huge impact on what we do is mobile. From mobile devices to mobile-ready content, mobile is changing the way we communicate and gather information. Given that everyone is engaged in mobile, it is interesting how you can harness this technology to make your business better. You will learn all that and more at the Mobile Festival 2013.


Mobile Festival 2013 is a joint project by the Mobile Marketing Academy (MMA), the International Institute in Digital Marketing (IIDM) and Mobext. This event, the first of its kind in the Philippines, is a celebration of mobile technology as an enabler of business. This event also highlights how mobile is the future of business and brand communications. Mobile Festival 2013 is the culminating event of a month-long online certification course held by the MMA from October 8 to November 13, 2013.


The Mobile Festival 2013 will gather more than 1000 business people and marketers both in and out of the Philippines. Covering different topics ranging from the effect of mobile on business and commerce to how you can use mobile as a means to make your business better, it shall be a learning experience for all entrepreneurs, no matter how big or small they are. Each lecture is created to both practical and engaging, and is prepared and to be spoken by some of the best in their respective fields. Here is a list of some of the people who will speak at the Festival.


The Awesome Speakers:

mobile festival philippines speakers

1. Valli Lakshmanan– The global head of Mobext is scheduled to speak about his personal experience with mobile. This guy knows what he is talking about; he worked in various companies ranging from Tata to Dell and made positive impacts in each stop. Lakshmanan will speak in detail how mobile is the future of business.

2. Brian Cu– He is the director of GrabTaxi, one of the most innovative mobile apps developed for Filipinos by Filipinos. Not only will Cu speak on how GrabTaxi changed how taxi services in the Philippines operate, but also the lessons he learned while establishing this app in the country.

3. Rushit Jhaveri– He is the vice president of brand licensing for FreMantle Media Asia, the company responsible for the Asian adaptations of shows such as Idol, X Factor and Family Feud. Jhaveri will speak on who mobile is an integral part of their TV shows.

4. Narciso Reyes– He is the country manager of Google in the Philippines. He will speak on detail the vital role of mobile in the business plan of Google, one of the biggest companies worldwide. Reyes will speak how you, just like Google, can adapt and thrive to a mobile-first world.

5. Daniel Lee– He is the head of digital projects of McDonald’s in Asia. Aside from his successful work with McDonald’s, he has also worked with global giants such as Ford and American Express. Lee will explain the ways mobile enhances consumer experience and the lessons he learned in mobile marketing.

6. Reuben Ravago– While working for DOST, Ravago is among the first Filipinos to experience internet connectivity firsthand. He has successfully moved on into other fields such as software development and network monitoring services. Ravago will share how mobile can modernize marketing.

7. Phalgun Raju– She plays a critical role in managing InMobi, the world’s largest independent online advertising network. Raju will talk about effective and creative ways to use mobile media as a means for advertising.

Learn more about Mobile Innovation - Like a boss! :D

Learn more about Mobile Innovation – Like a boss! 😀

8. Christian Geissendoerfer– He is the founder and CEO of YOOSE, a hyper-local mobile ad network. With his extensive knowledge in brand management and customer engagement, he will share his knowledge about location-based marketing using mobile.

9. Leah Besa-Jimenez– She works as the head of digital media in SMART, one of the leaders in mobile telecommunications in the Philippines. Besa-Jimenez is slated to talk about how mobile and media are converging and what the benefits of such a partnership is.

10. Gemma Bagayaua-Mendoza– She is currently the head of technology and content strategy for Rappler, a social news network that encourages the development of perspective and social interaction. She will explain how mobile is changing both content creation and consumption for those engaged in publication and journalism.


These speeches made by some of the biggest luminaries in world commerce would hammer home the point that mobile holds the key to the future of commerce. Of course, this event goes beyond just a set of lectures. Here are some of the other activities of interest that would also happen at the Mobile Festival 2013.


1. The Pitch– This special event is the first mobile marketing contest in the Philippines. Open to all students of the Mobile Marketing Academy, it is a competition that aims to discover the next great mobile marketing idea. While the contest proper happens much earlier, it is at the Mobile Festival 2013 where participants will present their mobile marketing solutions. The winner of The Pitch will be awarded on the Festival as well.


2. Technology exhibition– This exhibition is set up for participating sponsors to showcase their different products, services, and concepts. Such an exhibit is helpful in 2 ways. Sponsors are able to demonstrate to guests their latest and greatest offerings, while guests get a better idea on what technologies are available at their disposal.

3. Post-event cocktail– After the lecture series and the Q&A portions, participants can have cocktails. This is an opportunity to engage conversations with other participants, sponsors, and guests. Not only does this portion encourage a continuous flow of knowledge, but this can also become a great opportunity to expand one’s business network.


Paul’s Last Words:

The Mobile Festival 2013 is to be held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on November 25, 2013. Tickets are still available at 8900 pesos each. Discounts are available for students and those who will avail corporate packages. An early-bird rate is also available until November 18. Registration period is from 8am to 9am. The program will start at 9am and will end between 6 to 7pm.


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