[Event] The Secret to Getting Customers Online: June 29, 2013


The Secret to Getting Customers Online is a much anticipated event for Filipino online marketers – hosted by another Filipino online marketer. This event will be tackling the all important question posed by businesses today – how to get customers online.

With the internet industry thriving, it isn’t surprising that seminars like this one are getting more and more popular. With the event, business owners will be given an even deeper look into the world of internet marketing and how to make your mark in a market that is fast becoming digital.


What should I expect?

From the name itself, you could pretty much guess exactly what this seminar will be focused on. The speaker would basically be providing participants with invaluable information on how to survive in the internet marketing competition. In here, the speaker will explain exactly how BIG internet marketing is in today’s society and why you NEED it to push your business forward.
From there, the speaker will then teach various tips and techniques that can help individuals establish their online presence. Information on how to reach your target market and get them to respond will be divulged along with turning your casual visitors into LOYAL customers. The information provided will not just be general ideas but rather, actionable step-by-step plans that will help business owners increase their profit and establish a brand online. These same strategies may be replicated and modified to fit any type of business whether it’s a product or a service company. Techniques on how to create a magnetic brand that attracts clients is also part of the agenda as the speaker walks us through the marketing concept that best reels in the Philippine market.

The speaker will also answer different questions thrown in by participants. By the end of the seminar, those who attended are expected to know WHY they need internet marketing and HOW to best start their campaign. Although the event is welcome to anyone, participants best benefitting from the seminar include entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, business owners, executives, contractors and freelancers.


Who will be there?

The event will be featuring 11-year’s worth of internet marketing information by Ben Francia. An Internet Marketing Consultant as well as an Outsourcing Expert, Francia will be providing invaluable information about online businesses and how to make the most of internet marketing.


When will it be?

The Secret to Getting Customers Online event is scheduled for June 29 at the Legend Villas Function Room, Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City. The seminar will run from 9 AM to 12 NOON. For those who aren’t exactly sure where this is located, the registering website offers a Google map for the location so that you’d have no problem finding it.


How much is the fee?

The registration fee is set at Php1500 while Early Birds may get a different rate. If you find yourself interested, you can register through the internet and save a spot. The website featuring the seminar also offers additional information about what you can expect and whether the whole event would be worth it.



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