[Event] Webgeek’s Social Innovation Camp: Sept. 13-15, 2013


An event organized to bring together software developers and designers with social innovators to meet social goals, Social Innovation Camp is finally coming to Manila. WebGeek is proud to present Social Innovation Camp to the Philippines on September 13 to 15. And everyone who can contribute and make a difference is invited to take part in this mission.

webgeek social innovation camp 2013Delivering Web Revolution

The internet is becoming more and more influential. Digital marketing is utilized to bring business success not only for big enterprises but also for small to medium sized ventures. Today, people from all around the world, across oceans from different walks of life can converge through this medium. Various web tools are created everyday with complex and clever coding. There are countless big ideas being brought to the online world. And yet there are more special ways to maximize the influence of the social space.

The real web revolution happens when experts in digital tools can find ways to resolve real social issues. This is the big idea behind Social Innovation Camp.

Launched in 2008, Social Innovation Camp has come a long way since it was established in London with the help of NESTA and the Young Foundation. It has been adapted and replicated by several countries the world over including South Korea, Australia, Armenia, Slovakia, Georgia, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and now the Philippines.


What’s Your Idea?

This country faces a throng of issues. There are hunger issues, concerns with transportation, the unresolved and still widening gap between the rich and the poor and countless others. These issues do not get resolved by themselves. If people want change, it must be initiated. And it should not just stop at a brilliant idea. It has to be seen through development and implementation.

Before the Social Media Camp, entries have already been gathered from people willing to share their big ideas specifically for a web-based tool. The idea must have the potential of bringing about change to something important. This idea must address an impending social need. And it must truly matter to the improvement of the society.

From these entries, the Board of Jurors will select the top 6 brightest ideas. Software developers, designers and other technology wizards are then invited to the camp to work around these ideas, develop and bring these them to reality. Along with developers and designers, entrepreneurs and social innovators are also invited to participate. It does not matter whether you are among the best. If you have a great concern for the society, you are more than welcome to join.

The purpose of Social Innovation Camp Manila is to get people involved and concerned with real social problems that face the country. For the effective use of technology, there should be a deep understanding of what people really need, of what this country truly calls for. With countless talented software developers and designers, entrepreneurs and individuals with great passion for positive social change, big things can happen. And this is how Social Innovation Camp Manila proposes to make a difference.


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