PPC Pinas Meetup: May 31, 2013

PPC Pinas or Pay Per Click Pinas is scheduled for an event this coming May 31 for some of the best paid search professionals within the country. Hosted by Cellconversion Philippines, the event is expected to be a resounding success and will be attended by top speakers contributing invaluable information to the community.

Who will be the speakers?

The event will be featuring several speakers, all well known in their chosen field.  Each one will be offering advanced insights that will help participants further their career. Some of the speakers attending will include:

  • Kim Tyone Agapito – famous for his Article Scholar domain, Agapito is one of the best online marketers in the Philippines. He would be talking about the use of Search Engine Marketing and advanced keyword usage.
  • Kahlil Corazo – Kahlil is an instructor at UA&P with his main focus on PPC education. He is the man behind the global top 20 team for the year 2011, participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Kahlil actually has lots of credits under his name including being the first to adopt the Lean Launchpad by Steve Banks. Originally an employee of Hewlett-Packard and Procter and Gamble, Corazo is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional). His extensive career background allowed him to handle projects of a global scope, develop new strategies and improve existing ones.
  • Nina Mission Estenzo – currently a part of SGS with the position of SEM Lead, Nina will be providing tips about proper paid search management.  Here BS Statistics Degree from UP will also be an important tool as she talks about the basic statistical impact of paid search management and what applications can be used for better results.
  • Miles Wooglar – a PPC veteran, Wooglar has been in the business since 2004. He works for agencies and personal clients – allowing him to amass year’s worth of in depth knowledge.
  • Marie Lu – currently a part of Wide-Out Workforces Inc. as an online marketing manager, Lu is more than qualified to talk about internet promotions. She will be tackling the topic of Google Enhance Migration, what it is and how to optimize for it. She is a certified professional when it comes to Google AdWords and Analytics.
  • Hans Koch – Koch has years of business ventures under his belt along with extensive information about paid search management. He is possibly the most experienced speaker in the group, tackling topics such as Facebook and Facebook Ads Management.
  • Almer Viloria – Viloria is part of Sulit.Com.Ph as the Internet Market Supervisor. His topic will be about Tag Management and how PPC professionals can use it to further their business standing.


By the end of the event, participants are expected to have in-depth updated knowledge about PPC management and how to make the most out of their profession.


When and where will it be?

As previously mentioned, the event will be held on May 31, 2012 between 1:30PM and 6:30PM. The venue will be the Skylounge at the Ativa Building, Cypress Towers Building, Taguig City.

How much would it cost?

Considering the exclusivity of the event, the registration cost is really cheap at just Php500. The amount includes a sandwich and unlimited drinks and coffee for the participants.


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