[Webinar] Blog & Social Media Entrepreneurs Day: June 22, 2013

Get ready for an information-packed webinar especially for online marketing specialists – The Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurs Day scheduled for June 22.

Who will be there?

The event will be graced by some of the best names in the industry today. First off though, the moderation will be Janette Toral who is an e-commerce specialist. She was the recipient of the International Schools Cyberfair Ambassador Award for the year 2002 and was given the E-Services Awards for 2008. In 2010, she was also held as the Champion of the Philippine Internet and E-Commerce Hall of Fame Award by the Institute of E-Commerce.

Toral will just be one of the few recognizable names in the internet marketing industry though. There to discuss “Using Blog and Social Media to Monitor the Customer Pulse” is Mark Joseph Delgado who is a well known blogger and social media entrepreneur. He will actually be the first in the long line of internet market celebrities presenting in the Webinar.

Next up will be “Using Blogs and Social Media to Serve SME Needs” to be discussed by Vanj Padilla of 1Digitech Philippines. This will be followed by Randolph Novino of Pinoyscreencast.net talking about “Using Online to Create Engaging Content for Blogs and Social Media.

Last we’ve got Gilmar Padua of Infinity Hub. The internet marketer will be talking about “Effective Graphic Design for Blog and Social Media Campaigns.”


What can I expect?

This is the third year celebrating the Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur program and the host is making sure that everything is ready for the event. As already mentioned above, there are lots of topics to look forward to, hopefully furthering your grasp of the internet market in the Philippines.

The webinar also paves the way for questions and answers, allowing participants to inquire about any topics that bug them. The moderator along with the speakers will do their best to answer any questions thrown their way. By the end of the webinar, participants are expected to have a clear grasp of the extent of blog and social media marketing for SMEs.

Speakers will be presenting some of their latest discoveries and new concepts that will pave the way for better results in the business. After this half-day webinar, individuals should have a clearer path of why, where and how they want their online businesses to prosper.
When will it be?

As already mentioned, the event is scheduled for June 22 which is just a few days away. This would be at a CS time of 9AM to 1PM so if you’re not sure, it’s strongly suggested to check and see what time it would be for your specific location.

Anyone interested can register for the Webinar through the official website. Simply provide some personal information and you’d be alerted of the necessities for the big day. Make sure you know what time it will be on for June 22 and get your software and hardware ready for the event. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to learn more about the ever-growing internet market in the Philippines.





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