[Webinar] Digital Thought Leadership on Participant Marketing: June 28, 2013


The Digital Thought Leadership Webinar is scheduled for the last week of June and promises to offer a wide array of information for the interested internet marketer. This is actually the second Digital Thought Leadership Webinar for the month of June, equally providing information that Filipino web marketers will consider invaluable.

What should I expect?

You can expect a lot with the Digital Thought Leadership Webinar as the invitation page promises a lot for the willing participant. First off, the speaker is expected to tackle Participant Marketing Cases and provide examples that the viewers can relate to. This in-depth information should also be able to help them address their own ventures and create a better marketing profile for their online business.

Other agendas will include motivating people to join digital campaigns launched by a business. This means encouraging people to share, like, reblog, retweet or respond in any way to your marketing efforts. Lastly, participants will be treated to critical information linking old marketing practices with the digital age. With this, marketers will have a better idea of how to translate the old school into new school.
Who will be there?

Daina Middleton is the most anticipated guest for this webinar. She is the author of the “Marketing in the Participation Age” and an expert in digital marketing. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is recently hailed as the global CEO for Performics, a successful performance media agency. With two decades of experience backing her up, Daina Middleton is more than ready to share her thoughts and ideas racked up during her years in the business. With her help, Filipino marketers should find themselves pushing forward and gaining more information to boost their internet marketing skills.

Middleton is known for her leadership skills when it comes to social marketing. Contributing largely to the development of the industry, she is known for coining new phrases such as “participant marketing” to promote new phenomena. Her ground-breaking approach to marketing has paved the way for new tools and systems to help ordinary marketers make the most of their business.


When is it scheduled?

The webinar is scheduled for June 28 around 4 PM to 5 PM Manila time. Individuals who want to be part of the webinar but not located in Manila can try checking the corresponding date and time for their specific locations.


How do I join?

Joining is easy enough, especially since the webinar is completely for free. Simply register through their website and expect a response as the webinar date draws near. You’d be able to receive an email message detailing the schedule of the event and what you will need to get ready for it. Usually, this means having the right software installed in your computer to get the full benefits of the webinar.

For more information about Digital Thought Leadership Webinar, try checking out their invitational website. Considering how information-packed this webinar will be, individuals are advised to register as soon as possible and be guaranteed a spot in the event.




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