Wideout Google Analytics Training: May 22-24, 2013

There’s no question that Google is currently one of the most powerful tools when it comes to internet marketing. The company practically controls the fate of internet marketing for many websites today. Every time they change policies, marketers all but scramble to make sure that their settings are optimized to meet Google’s updates.

What is Wideout?

Those who have been in the industry long should have a good idea of what Wideout is. They are basically an online advertising company covering different accounts from Asia, Europe and North America. They’re also the only Philippine-based Google Analytics Certified Partner which is why they’re fully qualified to provide this lecture.


Google Analytics Training

This is where the Google Analytics Training by Wideout comes in. This event basically helps internet marketer become better informed with the workings of Google, specifically the Analytics side of the equation. The training includes lunch, snacks, certificate of completion, handbook and materials.

Google Analytics is basically a program that makes it possible for individuals to assess their standing online. When used properly, it can offer accurate information about a website’s traffic sources, the best keywords, then number of unique visitors per day and more.


What would be Discussed?

Looking at the outline, participants can expect a jam-packed session for their training. Wideout will discuss the full spectrum of Google Analytics starting with the definition, the set up, customizations, goal setting and maintenance until those goals are reached. Participants will have a clear grasp of the different tracking tools involved and how they are interpreted to provide concise information about traffic, the target market, the most effective content and even the average conversion rate for web pages.

Aside from providing information about traditional reports, the training exercise will also show individuals how to customize their settings. This would make it possible for them to get results that are specifically made for their niche.

The training will also introduce the integration of AdWords to Google Analytics to boost internet marketing strategies. Speakers during the training will expound and provide real-life situations as well as best practices that will significantly improve online presence.


When and Where is It?

The event is due to happen from May 22 to 24 at Meridian International College, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. The training will start promptly at 9AM and end around 5PM although registration already starts at 8AM.


How Much Does it Cost?

The Analytics Training lasts for 3 days and would require a P9,000 fee. Google Engage Agencies get a whopping 70% discount off the training.


Google Analytics is just the first part of what Wideout has to offer. They’re also conducting a Google AdWords training which could help supplement the information from Analytics. Individuals however have the option of passing on the second training exercise. Those who are interested can simply register online tto be sure.

The training is highly recommended for online entrepreneurs, online marketers and anyone who wants to start building their websites into a bigger enterprise. Although the cost is a bit expensive, the information (and the food!) provided should be worth it.


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