199Jobs Review – Philippines Very First and Only Freelancing Website


eCommerce has made a new milestone in the Philippines. Do you want to earn quick cash for small, simple tasks? Or do you want to outsource your repetitive duties to a Filipino Freelancer? You should try checking 199jobs.com, which is like an online bulletin board for people who are looking or offering small tasks, jobs, and requests, for a small price—yes, just 199 Pesos.

199jobs frontpageA Bit of This for a Bit of That

Sometimes, jobs don’t require highly specialized skills, or sometimes, they don’t require a meticulous eye for them to work. Looking for people willing to do small tasks can sometimes be much more of a chore than doing the task itself—such as “liking” a Facebook comment or post for 3,000 times. How would you find 3,000 friends willing enough to log in, like the page, like the app, and then like your comment or entry? The answer is that, most likely, you don’t. But with 199 Jobs, you can find a person who’s willing to do that for you—for a fee of 199 Pesos.

Not bad, eh? That’s the catch of the online site, buying or selling simple jobs, services, requests, quickly, easily, and, most important of all, affordably. Users can either “buy”—that is, grab a service offered by another person, with the specified amount—or “sell”—post an ad of a skill, service, or job that they can do in exchange for a specified small amount, which starts at 199 Pesos.

Similar to Fiverr, the website’s interface is simple and easy to understand, which is helpful for Filipinos who are quite new to the idea. No frills, no mess, no clutter to distract. What you see is what you get. The front page is filled with posts of people describing the work that they do, and the fee they require, be it from retouching a fixed number of photos, to writing blog articles, to translating Filipino manuscript, to standing in queue, to even finding a suitable gift for a friend or a loved one. If it’s a skill, then it’s marketable!

The Beauty

The deal with 199 Jobs is that it’s simply effective. The upfront style of dealing is so effective for both the buyers and the customers because they know exactly what they want, and what to expect. There are no extra strings attached to the mix—you only pay for the services or the tasks that you need.

Aside from which, the starting price or payment is affordable for buyers, and reasonable for sellers. In a country where the minimum wage is just short of 500 pesos per day, shelling or earning 199 Pesos retouching photos is not a bad deal. If you’re good with your work, and you can work fast, you can earn more than what most workers earn on a daily basis, as your reputation and credentials will precede you and make you more reliable and trustworthy to both sellers and buyers.

A Different Kind of Job Listings

Online job boards have been around for decades, but a concept such as this seems fairly new. This is something that will appeal to people who already have jobs, who are homebodies, or those who are just wanting to earn a quick buck or two in the Philippines.


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5 Responses to “199Jobs Review – Philippines Very First and Only Freelancing Website”

  1. Glenn says:

    Great article! The link to our site seems to return a 404 though.

  2. Paul Agabin says:

    Thanks Glenn! Fixed it. =)

  3. shaun says:

    We are looking for adWords specialsits to join our team but I can’t find any on your website? Are you able to let me know where they are if you have them?

  4. Shirley says:

    I am looking for a someone who can write an ebook for me. Thmx.

  5. chanel says:

    hi Paul. can I have your idea if how much the rate I should offer in encoding job which include tables, images and chart?


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