DigitalFilipino Launches Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur Course (Module 1-3)

Remember the days when you used to write, “Dear diary”, and then you’d write about anything you desired, only to have that book under lock and key, hidden from prying eyes?

Well, it seems like those days are long gone, what with the rise of blogging circles. A blog is short for a “web log”, which is sort of like a diary, in that you can write anything and everything you want (and really, you can find just about anything in blogs these days), but with the purpose of displaying the contents to the public. So, it’s kind of like a diary that you purposefully fill with stuff for other people to read.

Profiting from Blogging

As is most usually the case, everything that has caught the attention of people somehow can be turned into money. Blogging is of no exception. Many bloggers are now earning through their blogs, either by offering advertising, paid reviews, or… whatever it is that you have to do to earn from blogging.

If only people knew that writing personal stuff on a diary could turn into money, then more people would be doing that! So why aren’t more people doing that stuff, anyway?

DigitalFilipino Courses

Most probably because not everyone knows how to profit from blogging. You don’t just write stuff, post it, and expect money to come waltzing by. It takes a certain amount of diligence, hard work, and, yes, a bit of luck to make it work. While there’s no formula involved, a tried and tested process works, too.

This is the concept behind’s Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur Course, which currently has three mobiles. It’s an entirely online course that talks about turning your own blog to profit.

Each mobile runs for around 3-5 weeks, with rates that can be paid in full, for the 3 courses, or in parts, for individual courses. The whole program teaches the participants from the ground up—literally from creating a blog, to things to write or talk about, to creating, managing, and maintaining an audience, and how to profit or use your blog for digital marketing.

Each mobile has a set plan, with events clearly dated for the participants to see. Most would involve at least a webinar (a seminar conducted entirely on the World Wide Web), evenly-spaced out consultation schedules, and a day for the final project presentation.

Typically, the webinar will focus on the topics, leaving participants with an activity that they will do on their own blogs. As the weeks pass, they will have to monitor their mini-project, with help from the speaker via the spaced-out consultation times. A final project presentation is required at the end of each module where each member will discuss the success or failure of the activity, as well as what they have learned. is teaming with one of the most prestigious universities in the country for this event, Ateneo de Manila University. As of May 8, mobile 3 of the course, which talks about profiting from blogging, is well under way.

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  1. Jan-Jan says:

    Blogging is really great It help me earn additional money. Hope I also join any entreprenuer courses about social media

  2. Paul Agabin says:

    Hi Jan-Jan,

    There are many courses out there about social media. You can start researching with immap and fiera.

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