Embodiment of Success: Who is Narciso Reyes?

I’ve recently realized that Google’s attempts to provide us Filipinos with a better online experience has just progressed one-step further: a country manager has finally been named. Indeed, Narciso Reyes will lead the search giant’s Philippine branch.

Narciso Reyes will lead the search giant’s Philippine branch. I believe that every business owner should know more about him.

Narciso Reyes will lead the search giant’s Philippine branch. I believe that every business owner should know more about him.

To most online entrepreneurs though, his name would barely ring a bell. I believe that every business owner should know more about him. After all, anyone who manages to attain the confidence of an international corporation should be emulated.

A Path of Accomplishment

Many only heard about Narciso Reyes when news regarding Google’s expansion broke out. However, a few have probably stumbled upon his name back in 2009. I first read about him when he became the very first country sales manager for one of the most iconic social networking firms: Friendster. Even though the company eventually succumbed to Facebook’s fresh take on social media, Narciso Reyes carried out his duties successfully. Do you remember the times before Friendster was still fighting for its survival? Yup, it had partnerships with local companies, such as Smart.

So far, I’ve made it clear that Narciso Reyes has experience, which in turn explains why Google immediately knew that making him in charge wouldn’t turn out to be a mistake. I should add however, that he wasn’t really new to Google. Before he became one of Friendster’s top dogs, Narciso Reyes was actually among those who made Google’s sales efforts in Southeast Asia synonymous with success. I must admit though, that people who’d like to learn more would be a bit disappointed since there’s limited info about him online.

On Learning from Success 

        Even if I’d assume that there’s nothing more to learn about Narciso Reyes, I’d still know that there’s already a bunch of lessons that could be learned by any online entrepreneur from his accomplishments. Here’s some that come into mind:

  • Familiarity is the Key – when trying to be successful in anything, it’d be necessary to achieve a sense of familiarity. This is the reason why I encourage every person who makes money online to try doing some of the most important activities associated with websites and search engines. Just by tinkering with a site’s codes or altering the keyword density of articles, anyone would be able to have a better understanding of such online-success necessities.
  • Power of Experience – getting a grasp of the basics would not be enough to be triumphant in any endeavor. Well, this is why I believe that people who are serious about their web-based business activities should continuously garner experience. When the time comes that they are able to accomplish all sorts of tasks on their own, such hardworking entrepreneurs would be able to direct their own marketing attempts instead of blindly relying on others.

Even with the little information available on Narciso Reyes, some very useful lessons have been gained. As I’ve hinted above however, his accomplishments could be considered as a top-notch source of wisdom. Overall, I hope that business owners would not be satisfied with these clues to success and instead try to further learn from Google Philippines’ newly named manager.

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