Market Motive and Fiera De Manila Launches Digital Marketing Certification Online Courses


Online courses have become popular over the last few years that you can get certified in nearly everything online. You can get certification courses for education, languages, even for skill and knowledge-heavy courses like politics and medicine.

fiera de manila market motiveWith online marketing becoming more and more of a trend in the Philippines, courses for managing and expanding an online business have been cropping up in colleges and universities. Online marketing is a serious business, getting itself a huge slice of the pie of industries, so it comes as to no surprise that now, you can get online courses for online or digital marketing courses and topics from companies like Market Motive.

A Bit About Market Motive

Market Motive Inc. started in 2008, and from since day one, its intentions were clear: to provide quality education and certification for online, digital, or internet-based disciplines such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Paid Search Advertising, Public Relations, Conversion, and Web Analytics.

These disciplines are core knowledge for people who are starting up or are planning to expand their online businesses, as these aspects touch digital marketing on a regular basis. In other words, if you want your online business to succeed, then you really have to know a thing or two about these.

The good news is that Market Motive seems to be finally opening its online doors to the world, offering specialization courses and short, “elective”-style courses to anyone who’s interested to learn (and with enough money to pay for the tuition fee, of course). There are now elective courses for advertising through YouTube, tips on how to make your campaign go “viral”, using Facebook to further you market, and so on. The specialized courses handle topics as the ones mentioned above, along with new additions such as pay-per-click or pay-to-click (PTC) advertising.

Market Motive has courses go for as short as 3 months to as long as 6 months, with rates ranging from $600 to over $1,000. The courses have a detailed curriculum, with set hours and topics handled by a faculty of known authors and speakers in the online and digital marketing world.


So, what should you make with all of this? Honestly, this is a very good thing to happen indeed. While industrialized and highly technological countries have embraced the idea that online marketing is a huge deal, there are some countries that might still consider the idea as foreign or unusual. Not all countries currently offer online marketing courses in the physical world, so most of these aspiring digital entrepreneurs end up either having to go abroad to study, or sucking it up and make do with what they have. With how cutthroat the marketing industry is, most of the latter are bound to fail.

With Market Motive opening its courses in the Philippines, interested people can now have the choice to study and get certified in the comforts of their own home, or school. Not the most conducive learning environment, probably, but it sure beats having to spend a few thousands more to go overseas just to study something that’s readily accessible to almost anyone anywhere. Market Motive is giving people the choice to become empowered enough to wield something as powerful as online marketing.

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