How Tablet Computers Change Filipino Online Habits

There’s no doubt that Filipinos today are getting into the spirit of tablet use.

Every since the launch of the iPad, more and more Filipinos are favouring this more convenient gadget instead of laptops or netbooks.

Every since the launch of the iPad, more and more Filipinos are favouring this more convenient gadget instead of laptops or netbooks.

Every since the launch of the iPad, more and more Filipinos are favouring this more convenient gadget instead of laptops or netbooks. In fact, some major manufacturers today have decided to stop netbook production in favour of the tablet. But just how much impact has the tablet done for the online Filipinos?


Tablets and Online Presence

The ease of online access through tablets has provided more opportunities for Filipinos to go online. Although smart phones offer basically the same online accessibility, tablets are wider, offering better manipulation through the net. This is why it isn’t surprising that online presence for Filipinos have soared over the years. Instead of having to find convenient locations to set up their laptops, tablets have made it possible to go online practically anywhere. The abundance of free WiFi spots in the metropolis has also aided this habit, making the online Pinoy presence more felt.


Tablets and Education

A small percentage of students today lucky enough to own tablets are also changing education. With constant access to a wealth of information online, students find it easier to answer assignments and create reports. The education doesn’t stop there however. Tablets have also become the new gadget of choice for sharing information online, allowing individuals to swap news and learn what’s new even before it hits the television screen.


Tablets and Shopping

Steve Jobs has predicted it: the dawn of tablets will make a huge difference for people who have something to sell. It’s more than just publishing information – it’s the possibility of shopping online and having those items delivered right on your doorstep. The West may have enjoyed this advancement first, but the Filipinos are getting the hang of it with so many online websites that cater not just in Manila but all over the county. This has boosted online sales for most stores.


No doubt, the arrival of tablets within Philippine shores has made a big difference for the online Filipino. Note though that this isn’t the only gadget that managed to change online habits. The smart phone is also a big contributor to the frequency of online presence as well as the extent of its use.


The Filipino Businessman – Going with the Trend

The more frequent presence of Filipinos online has not been lost on many businesses. Seeing that the Pinoy shopping habits have shifted significantly through online access, business owners are adapting to this new trend. Many domains are opening up to accommodate the online shopper, providing individuals with sufficient opinion on the products currently available, how much they cost and client reviews about them. Even restaurants have jumped in on the chance, opening up domains that will allow them to boast of their dishes and provide directions for anyone interested in trying out their delicacies.


Taking these into account, now is really the time not just to open up an all-important website but also invest in internet marketing. This is definitely where all the competition is nowadays instead of the old-school marketing approaches that no longer reach the intended market.


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