How to Get Hired at Google Philippines

Google Philippines recently opened its doors, in recognition of the country’s growing importance as one of Southeast Asia’s tech hubs.

The opening of a local office by Google offers tech-savvy Filipinos a great opportunity to join one of the world’s best companies.

The opening of a local office by Google offers tech-savvy Filipinos a great opportunity to join one of the world’s best companies.

Some 33 million Filipinos use the Internet regularly to do research, shop, create new business opportunities and even interact with their loved ones. And with the continuing growth of the Internet in the country, the number of online Filipinos is estimated to double in three years. The opening of a local office by Google offers tech-savvy Filipinos a great opportunity to join one of the world’s best companies. Here are some tips to getting hired for a position in Google Philippines from Google recruiters:

  1. Use your resume to paint a picture of your accomplishments, not your responsibilities. Instead of simply enumerating what you did in your past positions, you should write about the successes you had while in that job that would make you stand out from other applicants. For example, talk about how you exceeded your quotas or brought in revenue. Be as specific as possible by including actual numbers whenever appropriate.
  2. Focus on your talents, not your skill sets. Google recruiters are looking for people who will not just be good at their jobs but also able to adjust to different challenges and changing market conditions. Hence, you should also be prepared to talk about what you do outside of your job.
  3. During the interview, you should be prepared to engage in a dialogue with the interviewer. While the interview process at other companies might involve the applicant simply talking about their previous career experience, expect to talk about a wider range of topics when you are interviewed for a position at Google. For example, the interviewer might ask you a brainteaser to determine how you approach problem solving. To illustrate, if you are being interviewed for the position of product manager, a sample of a question you may be asked is how many golf balls would it take to fill a school bus. If you are interviewing for a software engineer position, you may be asked something like, why manhole covers are round.
  4. Focus on the role you’ll be playing in the organization, not the perks you’ll be enjoying or the position you’re interviewing for. What Google is looking for is someone who can help the company meet the challenges it is facing, not a person who simply wants to add a position at Google to their resume.
  5. When the interviewer asks you about yourself, use anecdotes to illustrate your strongest qualities. For example, instead of simply stating that you are good at solving problems, tell a story about how you once solved a difficult problem while working in a past position. So come prepared with some anecdotes you can pull out when necessary.
  6. Do your research. When you come in for an interview at Google, you are expected to not just be familiar with the product you’ll be working on, but also the general industry landscape and the competition it is facing. You should be prepared to have an in-depth discussion on these subjects.
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