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Orange – it should become a trend in future websites if continues to stay one the mainstream of website for fashion and lifestyle. Why did it become successful? Well, let’s take a look.

The mainstream of website for fashion and lifestyle.

The mainstream of website for fashion and lifestyle.

Interesting sections or categories. Yes, I know that you see similar categories in the websites you visit but what Kristin did is to determine the most sough-after lifestyle interests. Take a look at these categories: food and dining, fashion and beauty, movies, music and events, travel, and night out. These are categories that people who live an active lifestyle are looking for. Where else to get it than in a website that lays everything in a single platter?

Men’s Corner. This is one of the categories that set apart from the rest. There are only a few websites in the Philippines who allot a specific section for men. Think about how most websites stuff content for women in their website. Of course, men will feel out of place and when they find some place where their needs are taken care of, they stick.

Aggregate reviews. It is our desire to experience nothing but the best in music, movies, travel, and other events. This is probably why Kristin decided to aggregate user professional and use reviews in offer a glimpse of what is hot and what is not. Visitors who are doubtful, who are seeking for confirmation, or who simple are clueless can get help on recommended places and events through each of the categories.

User involvement. Kristin also set up various channels where users can contribute content to the website such as review boxes. Some website does not offer this option and prefer feeding feedbacks from selected writers out there. Kristin is adapting a different approach by engaging users to write their own thought about a range of topic under all of the categories. Consider this as a mechanism for converging bloggers, writing enthusiasts, customers, businessmen, and spectators – a forum within a website.

Badges. Users get to earn their keep. Write as much reviews as you can and a badge shall be bestowed upon you. The badge gets promoted and the reward is first dibs on every freebie, reservation, special screenings, etc. It makes users feel they deserve the privilege (which they do). Oh, badges are bragging rights, too. It’s a symbol to an otherwise saturated world of online personas.

Celebrities. You know very well that Filipinos scream for celebrities. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense but this is the chance for visitors to get a glimpse when it comes to the preferences, the tastes, and the opinions of their favorite stars. So there’s a connection between ordinary users and celebrities, which some Filipinos are looking for.

Photo Galleries. Visitors can rate pictures according to their ideals of beauty. In the end, the remaining photos are the best ones that best represent the tastes of visitors or users. This means that people will get to see the images they want when they come upon the site.

Now, I keep mentioning Kristine, but who is she? She’s the Orange Girl in the website. *wink*

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