Learning Curve’s Webcamp 2012 Phlippines [Feature]

The latest Internet Marketing event happening on November 28, 2012 – Webcamp 2012, Featuring Jorge Azurin, Ian Deal Carmen, Eireen-Diokno Bernardo and Chris Ducker.

Surely, you must have heard of people making tons of money online.  You know of people who earn a lot selling pieces of clothing, gadgets, or toys on Multiply or eBay, home-based graphic artists and virtual assistants working on outsourced jobs, and bloggers who begin to earn more online and deciding to quit their regular jobs.

If you have your own online business, you will be able to:

  • Do what you love to do and engage in your passion while earning
  • Make more money than what you are currently earn from your traditional business or day job
  • Work from the comforts of your own home or anywhere
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule that will give you more time for your family and yourself
  • Get multiple income streams from a business
  • Gain access to worldwide clients
  • Put up a business without need for a huge capital
  • Choose to be a full-time employee, work on your own or with contractors
  • Continuously make money 24/7
  • Live well off your own business


To succeed in your online business, the key is learning only from the experts who have been there like the people behind webcamp, the super conference on online business that features:

  • The No. 1 membership site expert who made hundreds of thousands (in US dollars) from his executive book summary service sold to the world’s largest content publisher.
  • The country’s No. 1 Online marketer who earned a lot from selling digital products such as eBooks and now sits atop a huge Internet marketing empire serving more than 700,000 worldwide clients
  • The No. 1 eCommerce specialist in the Philippines who is a Power Seller on eBay and a recipient of endorsements from eBay, UnionBank, and PayPal, and from whom thousands of internet entrepreneurs got their training
  • The No. 1 provider of virtual outsourcing services in the country who offers call center and virtual assistant services worldwide, and an up and coming international blogger.


You will learn the four ways to earn online:

  • SELL physical goods – These include toys, clothes, electronic gadgets, and food that you can sell on your own vendor site or on established eCommerce platforms such as Multiply, Etsy, and eBay
  • CREATE digital products – These are apps, software, games, music, and templates you can directly sell on market places and auction sites such as Apple Apps Store, Amazon, Envato, and iStockPhoto, among others
  • SHARE information – These include membership sites, eBooks, and webinars that can be sold for a one-time payment or subscribed to on a periodic basis; and blogs, videos, and podcasts that can provide advertising income; and
  • WORK on outsourced services – These include writing, design, programming, marketing, accounting, and administration that can be offered through freelance market sites such as oDesk, Freelancer, and eLance.


If you want to learn from any of the above, then webcamp can help you. The super conference will be held on November 28, 2012 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of the RCBC Plaza in Makati City.  It will run for one day, from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon.


What the Super Conference Offers:

  1. Inspiration from the experiences of successful people that will greatly motivate you to grow your existing online business or start your own.
  2. Winning strategies developed and used by successful online entrepreneurs that may also work for you; and the pitfalls they encountered which you should avoid; you will learn directly from these successful people.
  3. A wide array of internet business opportunities or new streams of income you may not have thought of before.
  4. Network with similar-minded entrepreneurs and service providers for possible partnership and collaboration.
  5. Learn how to make money from your expertise and passions to achieve your income goals and live the life you want.


Who Would Benefit:

  1. Creative Individuals – Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Fashion Designers, Bloggers, Writers/Editors, Photographers, Videographers, and Musicians/Artists
  2. Businessmen/Entrepreneurs – Online Vendors, Exporters, Retailers, Manufacturers, and Distributors
  3. Techies – Web Developers, Programmers/Software Developers, Game Developers, Software Integrators
  4. Service Providers – Accountants, Lawyers, Teachers, Consultants, Marketing Professionals, Telemarketers, Administrative Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Secretaries, and Data Encoders


The People Behind webcamp


Jorge “Jojy” Azurin

Jojy was already enjoying success as an entrepreneur before making it even bigger online.  He managed and co-founded several companies that include Regatta Information Systems, Nexstage, Open Systems Corporation, American Data Exchange Corporation, Infinit-E, and Data Matrix, Inc.

His first serious online foray came in 2001 when he started a side business in BusinessSummaries.com, a web-based executive book summary service run by two people he hired.  When the “side business” flourished, he decided to close all his other “traditional” businesses and focused on expanding BusinessSummaries.com resulting to the establishment of two related sites – ContentSummaries.com and BestSummaries.com

Maintaining no regular employees and working with just nine full-time contractors, Jojy began to make a six-figure annual income in US$ working an hour a day at home, in the office, or anywhere he fancied – even while vacationing.  He spent the rest of the day setting up new businesses or creating new income streams.

Jojy recently dealt BusinessSummaries.com to EBSCO Publishing for a tidy sum. EBSCO is one of the biggest online content providers in the world.  The money Joey made from the sale set him up for life enabling him to devote most of his time in educating and helping his countrymen build web-based businesses.

But being the serial entrepreneur that he is, Jojy can’t resist the lure to set up new businesses.  Currently, he is the owner of several companies such as Exams.ph, Telems Corp, Orient Sea Trading, Knowledgized, and Knowledge Leaf Publishing.  Likewise, he is an online sales consultant and teaches budding entrepreneurs on how to set up lucrative online membership sites via his MembershipSiteLive Seminar.

webcamp Talk

Through “How to Create Your Lean, Mean, Money-Making Online Machine,” Jojy will show you how to develop a profitable membership site that is capable of generating lifetime passive income automatically.  So, how do you feel about earning big on the internet and spending the rest of your days helping other people achieve online success like Jojy does?


Ian del Carmen

Soon after he dropped out of college, Ian found a job at ABS-CBN as a scriptwriter.  He went on to write and produce shows like “Pinoy Big Brother” for the giant network.

His first online marketing venture was in 2006 through a private label business.  He bought generic products which he relabelled and sold as new products of his own. This, he did from an internet cafe.

An initial failure made him shift to selling eBooks that cater to an international market.  In less than a year, he was able to create a niche for himself in the online marketing field which made it possible for him to quit his TV writing job.

Now working in his bedroom, he went into online marketing full-time, expanding his product range to other downloadable digital products like MP3 and video downloads, software, and online marketing tutorials, among others.  Within months, he was already making US$1,000 to 2,000 monthly with minimal capital.

Selling “membership wholesaler sites,” he earned the equivalent of PHP1,000,000 in just a week.  That made him a millionaire at a young age of 28.  With a flourishing online empire, he set up his own Fireball Group of Companies.  His team created and sold their own software, books, videos, MP3s, mobile apps and content, and FB apps, maintaining a client base of more than 70,000 businesses from various countries like China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.

Ian is the only online marketing phenom from the Philippines recognized also wrote books and eBooks recognized by online marketers the world over.  He also wrote books and eBooks like “Rags to Dot Com Riches,” Crack the Secret Code Series,” Self-Made Internet Millionaire,” and “Fireball Internet Marketing Series.”

In 2008, Ian won “The Biggest Internet Marketing Challenge,” besting known internet gurus such as George Pluss, Simon Hodgkinson, Edmund Loh, Dave Guindon, Joel Comm, and Jeremy Gislason.  A Certified eMarketing Consultant or CeMc, Ian likewise received an award from the Internet Marketing Standards Board.

Currently, he is an online marketing consultant not only in the Philippines but to various countries as well while working from home. And oh, he’s back in the entertainment scene, this time to fulfill another of his passions – filmmaking.   He is applying the finishing touches on his indie film called “Bad Romance,” a movie he directed and produced.

webcamp Talk

To put it mildly, nobody knows digital products more than Ian does.  From him, you will learn “How to Build Your Own Internet Marketing Empire.” You will learn the secrets on how to earn online by selling digital products of your own and through affiliate marketing.  If a college dropout and former bum like Ian can make it big in the global online marketing scene, there is no reason why you can’t.


Eireen Diokno-Bernardo

Eireen was shocked when her husband bought a truckload-full of old soda bottles with his retirement pay.  Who wouldn’t?  But when he sold them on eBay making a large profit in the process, she joined him.  From then on, they have been making a killing out of selling vintage Filipiniana products and other historical memorabilia the world over.

Her success inspired her to share her knowledge to others and to-date, around 2,000 online vendors not only from the Philippines but even OFWs from Singapore, Kuwait, Dubai, Malaysia, the US, Canada, and Australia have learned the ropes of the business from her.

Compared to other eCommerce gurus who became such from doing research and consulting, Eireen is in a class all her own. She gained her eCommerce expertise from actual experience running various online shops and having sold nearly 4,000 items worldwide in the past twelve years.  With monthly sales in six figures, that should easily qualify her as an eCommerce expert, doesn’t it?

Eireen is accredited and recognized as a specialist in education eCommerce by top international eCommerce platforms such as PayPal and eBay.  Likewise, she is PayPal’s Philippine consultant and is the company’s official partner for training in Southeast Asia.  She also acts as Product Evangelist for UnionBank’s online debit card, Eon for the past 3 years.

Concurrently, she is a US warehousing and logistics business development specialist for SendMailLogistic.com, strategic partner for eCommerce business development for SMEs for Mozcom, and logistics partner of Xend Express.  She is able to do all these while being a stay-at-home mom and enjoying watching her kids grow up.

webcamp Talk

From Eireen, you will learn how to “Run Your Own Global eCommerce Business” by utilizing platforms that will enable you to penetrate the global market.  If, like Eireen, you would like to earn as a stay-at-home mom, you surely would love to know how she did it.



Chris Ducker

Born and raised in London, Chris has been residing in the Philippines for the past 11 years.  He is the owner of the three businesses that comprise Live2Sell Group including the no. 1 experienced offshore VA provider, and Live2Care, an outsourcing company for inbound customer service.  He is also a celebrity blogger who is fast gaining in popularity after establishing a reputation for himself and being featured on Incomediary, ReadWriteWeb, and Rise to the Top as among the top “20 Unconventional Entrepreneurs Who’ll Inspire You;” He was likewise featured as a BlogWorld speaker in LA.

He has either been interviewed or has rubbed elbows with renowned bloggers such as Pay Flynn, Darren Rowse, Brian, Moran, David Risely, Corbett Barr, and Michael Dunlop.

His first business venture was established in 2004. From a measly compliment of 7 employees, there are now about 300 people under his employ. Towards the end of 2009, Chris was observing a six-day workweek, working 14 hours each day. So he set a goal to become virtual CEO full-time before 2010 ends and divest himself completely from the daily operations.  He achieved that goal.

Now, he is working no more than 7 to 8 hours daily, for just 4 days a week as he enjoys a three-day weekend.  Most of his working hours now are spent elsewhere (at home, while travelling, or in cafes) as he spends just around 6 hours a week in the office.

He is now a Virtual Business Lifestyle proponent and his new venture, VirtualStaffFinder, is the premiere provider of experienced, dedicated offshore VAs.

webcamp Talk

Chris has worked with, trained, and hired Filipino call center agents and VAs, and is the acknowledged authority in the business.  There is no better person to learn the trade from than Chris. His talk on how to “Be Your Own Virtual CEO” through a worldwide virtual outsourcing company and start living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of will send you on your way. Who wouldn’t want to stop working hard for your family and instead spending more time with them?


Conference Fee

  • Super saver rate: P1,495 (+VAT) – offer good from Oct. 1-15
  • Early bird rate: P1,995 (+VAT) – offer good from Oct. 16-31
  • Pre-registered rate: P2,495 (+VAT) – offer good from Nov. 1-15
  • Regular rate: P2,995 (+VAT) – offer good from Nov. 16-24

Sponsorships are available. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, I would attend webcamp. Please reserve a seat for me!






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