7 Spectacular Ways to Promote your Event Online in the Philippines

Have Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho perform in a single production number for your event. For sure your ticket sales will rise. =D

event memeOn a much serious note, there are various events being promoted via social media and other online channels nowadays. But here’s the question: how can you become outstanding enough, worthy of the Filipino crowd’s attention? How can you convince them to spend their hard-earned money just to be there in your event?

Actually, there already are Philippine templates that are worth following and you will learn it here. By following the steps on how it should be done, you will find out that the spectacular ways to promote your event online in the Philippines is actually just a piece of cake.


Some Great Examples Worth Emanating

The best practices should be kept in mind so that you will identify an opportunity once you come face to face with it. By carefully studying the following examples, you will find out ways on how to apply your creative touches to make it your own and to make the necessary adjustments to be appropriate for your intended purpose:

  • Offering rewards to regular attendees. This is applicable for recurring activities or events like annual concerts, quarterly convention, or biannual conferences. It is important to make the announcement to all past attendees in order to catch their attention. Here’s the catch: even new attendees will aspire to be loyal attendees, too, so that they can enjoy the same kind of rewards.
  • Giving discounts for early bird registrants/ticket buyers. This scheme will encourage more people to buy tickets in bulk before the expected increase will come into effect. By pushing for the sense of urgency, more people will purchase their tickets earlier than the usual.
  • Encouraging your early ticket buyers to blog about the event. Of course, offer something in return – perhaps, some complimentary tickets will do. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful and most compelling modes of promotion. And yes, that is a third-party promotion! That holds more water than self-promotion.
  • Promoting the location of your event as well – Most of the time, people are more interested about the venue more than the event itself. So, you should give in to your potential market’s craving – give a vivid description of the place that they will get to enjoy once they attend your event. This is one way of telling them what they are missing if they choose not to attend.
  • Seeking help from respected organizations in the industry in terms of promotion. This will give you the leverage that you need.
  • Update your social networking websites to inform your followers. Give out the best reasons why they should not miss it. Who knows? It might get viral!

These steps will definitely take you a step closer to a successful event. World leaders in the field of events organization have already proven how effective these steps are and they recommend that you follow these examples, too!


The 7 Ways of Promoting your Event Online

When you promote your event online, there is no single formula or approach that you can follow. The best way to do it is by doing it holistically. This means that you should employ an approach that is integrated and as much as possible, cover all available media and channels:

1.) Have your event listed on your official website and share it! Make sure that all the share buttons for other social networking site (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, etc.) are all visible. On the average, a person has 220 Facebook friends. So, imagine the multiplier effect even if there are at least 20 people who share your event on their respective timelines.

2.) Make sure to list your event on other websites as well for maximum exposure. You might ask: Where is it appropriate to post my event? Here are some suggestions:

  • In local directories
  • In your network of businesses
  • In a national daily
  • In a national TV or radio station
  • In a local/regional TV or radio station

3.) Facebook event is still very popular, so it is wise to still use this feature. The major advantage of this feature is that it gives out notifications to those who are invited to the event. For those who have confirmed their attendance early on, they get constant reminders.

4.) Create a LinkedIn event and maximize your contacts. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has an events feature. However, this is more focused because most members of the community are business owners and professionals. They have the capacity to buy your tickets, so why not invite them, too?

5.) Maximize Google+ features. Add a Google+ event. Yes, compared to Facebook or LinkedIn users, the Google+ subscribers might be a lot less, but adding an event in this social networking website will increase your event’s chances of being found via popular search engines.

6.) Create a promotional Youtube video. Having a promotional video about the event will help your attendees visualize the details. It doesn’t have to be lucrative. It can be in a form of cool announcement, formal invitation, trailer or slideshow of past events.

7.) Seek help from bloggers and influencers. This will create some significant buzz about your event.

These steps might appear truly simple, but these are very effective. Many Filipino events organizer can attest to the power of a holistic and integrated approach. Therefore, as a reminder, you should do these all in order to assure that your event will have a good attendance. Picking just one or two might give your online event promotion much less impact.
Paul’s Last Words: A brief summary of event promotion

Marketing and promotion via online channels especially through the social networking sites prove to be very tedious and it requires a lot of attention. The details have to be carefully mapped out so that you will be able to send a clear message across. In addition, consistency is important so that you can attract attention.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but it has a lot of advantages, too! For one, you can reach out to millions of people without having to spend a lot of cash. Online promotion is truly a powerful tool that you have to master and maximize.



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