Are You Using Google Webmaster Central?

Google Webmaster Tools a.k.a. Google Webmaster Central is a free web service for webmasters to optimize visibility and relevance. Experts are still divided on this but some believe that the same tool supersedes old-fashioned search engine optimization (SEO). This provides a more accurate search engine result ranking absent the manipulation of paid SEO campaigns. I am a webmaster myself and an avid user of this web service and I am writing this article because I want to tell you why.


Submit or Check a Sitemap

I use Google Webmaster Central to view the website sitemap. I then check different search engines to accurately categorize the website. In my opinion, this is a better alternative to inserting keywords in the website content. Pound for pound, a properly categorized website has a better chance of increasing in rank. More importantly, the website holds that rank longer.

Search Engine Robot Crawl Rate

A search engine robot (i.e. Googlebot) crawls (checks and moves) your website in terms of ranking. A trick that I sometimes utilize in order to increase the chances of getting positive results is to control the frequency of Googlebot checks. And this is via Google Webmaster Tools.

Generate then Check a robots.txt

Search engine bots like Googlebot index our website based on the information it gets from files known as robot.txt. Of course, a working website has that type of file. The problem is for some reason (lack of skill in most cases) some of these files are blocked. As a result, the search engine bot does not have enough data to index, categorize, and rank your website. If this happens, your website gets delegated to a nice cozy spot in the middle or last page of the total search engine results. By using Google Webmaster Central, I check on robot.txt files and see that they are configured properly. This results in more data and possibly a higher ranking.


A website is ranked, to a certain degree, with the number and relevance of links. By using Google Webmaster Tools, I can easily check the list of internal and external pages that are linked or links to the site. And then request to modify the same when the need arises.

SERP Check Articles

Before I begin, no SERP is not in any way related to Derp or Herpina. SERP stands for Search Engines Results Page. Whenever I am asked to optimize a website I normally use Google Webmaster Central to check and see what keywords need to be typed in order for  any valuable content (i.e. news articles, newsletters, editorials, etc.) to be posted as a search engine result. This is then cross-referenced with the most effective keywords.

It’s All About Statistics

By using Google Webmaster Tools, I can easily view statistical data in reference to how Google indexes the webpage. More importantly, I make sure there are no errors that occur. And that the website is properly indexed.

Set Preferred Domain and Then Some

Another consideration for indexing and ranking is the domain name. And guess what, I also use Google Webmaster Central for that. So isn’t it about time you considered using one?

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