Benefits of Localizing Your Website with a .ph Domain

As Filipinos become more tech-savvy and an increasing number of them are going on the Internet, it is essential that you use the .ph domain to localize your website.

In fact, many local companies are recognizing the importance of the .ph domain as they are shifting to it from .com or other global top-level domain names to more effectively target a local audience. What are the benefits you can enjoy from using the .ph domain name to localize your website?


  1. It is easier to remember. If you use your brand name in your URL, it is easier to remember rather than or even It is also easier to promote on your offline marketing and promotional materials, such as your business cards, flyers and print advertisements.


  1. You can enjoy higher rankings in local searches. When Google reads the .ph domain, it will register the site as being more relevant to a local search rather than those sites with a .com or even a .net domain. This will make it easier for your local customers to find you and drive more traffic to your site.


  1. A .ph domain drives traffic to your off-line store. Locally, one of the reasons people set up a website is to promote their brick-and-mortar stores. By using a local domain, you make it easier for people to find your site so that they become aware of it, what it offers as well as where it’s located. This means more walk-in business for you. It would be better if you can also register your site in “Google Places”.


  1. There is less competition with local searches. When you don’t use the .ph domain, you let your site get mixed up with the .com domains and have to compete with them. On the other hand, with a .ph domain, you only have to compete with the other businesses in your niche.


  1. You can protect your brand from cybersquatters. When you buy a .ph domain, you can opt for the Brand Protect program that also gives you the rights to the domain name variations.


6.   You have more naming choices with a .ph URL rather than a .com URL. There are some eighty million com domains, which makes it harder for you to get the domain name that you want. On the other hand, there are significantly less .ph domains, giving you a wider variety of choices.


7. Your site will rank higher with Geo-targeted keywords – such as “SEO Philippines”, “Bakery Manila”, “Forex Philippines”, etc.

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