Cyber Bullying in the Philippines

Cyber bullying in the Philippines is a very real thing –  with millions of people being connected to the internet in the country, everyone can fall prey. Even in the United States, cyber-bullying has been noted as one of the leading reasons why teenagers choose to take their own lives. The question is – how true can this be for the Philippines?

What exactly is cyber bullying?

Before I start talking about cyber-bullying, it might be best to first discuss what the idea is all about. See, there’s a major distinction between bullying and harassing online.  Cyber bullying can be harassment, embarrassment, threat, torment and humiliation one minor can do to another. As for cyber-harassment, an adult is usually the instigator.

five words catapulted to fame; the bad light of fame — shame.

Cyber Bullying Law in the Philippines

The latest I heard about cyber-bullying and law is when Senator Sotto complained about being cyber bullied, which is ridiculous considering the definition I just gave above. A law has actually been passed here in the Philippines about that dubbed as the House Bill No. 5391. It aims to prosecute cyber bullies and make sure that there’s a free flow of unfettered, non-demoralizing idea between different net citizens in the country.

Cyber Bullying and Internet Marketing

Here’s where things get interesting. You know what they say about bad publicity still being publicity? Well, some internet marketers today may be using cyber-bullying as a way to boost their popularity online. It’s an old concept that’s been given a different twist in today’s technologically-driven era.

The question is – does it work? Frankly, I’ve noticed that cyber-bullying can literally skyrocket searches for a specific company in the same way that it boosts searches for celebrity scandals. So, SEO wise, cyber-bullying can really be an effective way to get your brand out there.

Sales-wise however, I don’t really recommend it. I mean, the strategy may work for movie stars – but products and services are very different.

See, online reputation is very important today considering how powerful the opinion of people is when combined together. A single blog post about cyber-bullying can spread like wildfire, effectively ruining how a company is viewed by their target market. Why do you think companies spend so much when it comes to their online customer service? It’s a great way to appease the clients and cyber-bullying goes against that.

So when it comes right down to it – bad publicity, albeit publicity is still bad. As someone who has been around the internet for a long time, I can safely and strongly say that cyber-bullying is not the way for you to get noticed – especially not in the Philippine business market. Filipinos tend to bond together whenever they see someone or something being harassed which can be very bad for a business, sales wise.

My advice is that you totally skip the cyber-bullying route and go for the more direct but time-proven approaches like video marketing, article marketing. Don’t forget social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – both of which are hotspots for Filipinos of all ages and genders.


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4 Responses to “Cyber Bullying in the Philippines”

  1. Kheen says:

    Sometimes the people who do Cyber bullying is the one who want to be a popular to the social media especially to the Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc. because in this social media
    its easy to spread the issues because Billions of people are connected in Internet.

    Some also do Cyber Bullying just for fun to the social media, to get many LIKES and SHARE…

  2. Bueno says:

    other people do bulllying to get an interest and get attraction by other people through online or what. if you have a wrong comment then other people read your comment this will be spread easily in social media like facebook,twitter or other networking sites.

  3. Jessie Roy says:

    Many people in the philippines use social media site and a simple post of picture of other without the owners authority that is a cyberbullying if others see that picture and if they not like that picture they comment with the words of embarrassment , threat and humilation and taht is and cyberbullying .

  4. jerald says:

    other people of many people in the philippines use a web site or social media like Facebook or other media website … if the see ah funny picture they bullying the picture of person and they spread the picture or tag to other friends…. Some also do Cyber Bullying just for fun to the social media ……

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