Do you connect with your customers regularly?

Social media marketing is not only about creating a brand image. That is what traditional advertising is all about – bombarding the public with various ads and hoping in the end that sales will pick up soon enough. Social media marketing puts advertising to a higher plane as it encourages interaction with prospective and existing clients. It allows companies to engage their clients in a continuing interaction and two-way communications.

Such engagements allow companies to have a real time view of where they stand in the eyes of their targeted audience. They get a chance to discover areas where they can make improvements in real time and thus attain and maintain a wholesome and acceptable image, which is what every branding objective should be about.

But much more than branding, connecting with clients and engaging them regularly gives you the chance to pull their trust and confidence towards your company. In the end you will be respected as an idea leader and will be expecting you to lead them to more beneficial discussions and mutually interesting engagements. And, before you know it, you will have an army of followers loyal to your brand and trusts you as they trust their other social network friends.


If you haven’t already done it, you should start establishing a presence in different social networking sites and incorporate a feedback channel or helpline in each. Be sure you listen and respond to each inquiry or question promptly and squarely. Be honest and never commit anything you can’t do. You’d be able to gain their trust and confidence this way.

A lot of companies (90 % according to a recent survey) do not respond to social media queries and as a result they lose touch with their clients who become more likely to go elsewhere where they will be listened to. Fruitful engagement means being sensitive to and giving importance to their queries and includes responding to each and every query received.

Connecting with your clients regularly makes a better internet marketer out of you. Through engagements you’d be able to know the sentiments of your target market. You’d know exactly what they want and what they need. This will prevent you from carrying products that they don’t need. This will help you develop products that will be more useful and beneficial to them. In the end you get to reap the fruits of your labor, as your targeted market will naturally embrace the products they themselves suggested you carry for them. If this is not neat marketing that pays, I don’t know what else is.

Customer satisfaction is the key to developing loyal customers. While your product may just be as good and as affordable as your competitor’s you can still make a mark difference by making sure your client is satisfied with your service. If you keep to the confines of your business establishment all the time, there is no way for you to find out about this. Social media is giving you an opportunity to connect with your clients engage them in discussions that will be mutually beneficial to both of you.

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